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SC Education Funding

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SC has certainly grown and improved economically.  However, it has failed to a large degree in attracting company HQs on a material  scale and attracting white collar jobs to fill vacant offices.  A big step in filling this gap could be assisted by properly funding higher education in SC.  Here is a set of data that shows how the state funds the large schools in SC v neighboring states.

USC is funded by the state at roughly $158m annually or 12.8% of total expenses.

Clemson is funded at $120mm or 13% of annual revenues.  

In North Carolina, Chapel gets $500mm from the state or 17% of expenses.  NC State received $506mm or 34% of expenses.

in Georgia, UGA receives $435mm or 29% of expenses, G a Tech received 267mm or 17% of expenses.

Florida received $712mm or 25% of expense and FSU received $425mm or 37% of expenses.

Certainly SC is not as large as neighboring states.  But, the gap in funding is staggering.  If we can assist British Airways with $1.3mm to have a couple of weekly flights to London (I am sure other airports are looking for assistance too)we should be able to fund higher education.

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In the recent legislative session, more funding was provided to higher ed.  As a result, tuition increases were very limited and in some cases dropped.  USC Law dropped tuition by $5k which makes it much more competitive with UGA and UNC. 

Still not where it needs to be, but a good step.


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