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Carroll South of the Ballpark (Greensboro)


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4 hours ago, HRVT said:

Of course, the other possibility was that it was suggested that Carroll incorporate 400 sq ft of flower beds (not an unreasonable request... two 40 X 5 beds would do the trick) and Carroll balked, so the city said that the alternative is a retention pond and now Carroll is running with that idea via his media source.... the RHINO Times.

They could probably add the flower beds in the interior of the residential portion. There was an exaggeration in the Rhino Times about the city "halting the project" The city hasn't halted anything but I do think the retention pond is ridiculous. I can't think of any city that has required that in any downtown dense urban development. The city of Greensboro is good for putting up a lot of hurdles for developers who might be interested in building downtown. Its becoming clear why Greensboro isn't seeing multiple large scale developments downtown like in other cities.

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1 hour ago, jtmonk said:

What probably happened was the development passed the threshold for stormwater requirements and now must include some type of device for stormwater retention.  A retention pond is one option however there are also underground retention devices that can be used.  I'm sure the developer is fighting back because this can be expensive and is saying the City is requiring a retention pond because they know it will cause more of a reaction with the media than saying their development must include a stormwater device.  Also note that stormwater requirements are passed down from the state, this is not Greensboro throwing up hurdles just because they want to.  Source:  I'm a City Planner (not with Greensboro) and work directly with our stormwater administrator. 

One way or another, I'm not buying the version in the (Carroll owned) RHINO Times as gospel. There's obviously spin involved.

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The recent Forbes article about Carroll, was covered by Fox 8 wghp. Either they are misinformed or not up to date on the project, but they are still reporting a 20 story tower.


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