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1 hour ago, Nashvillain said:

Just spent a couple days in Knoxville. I haven't been back in that city since graduating from UTK in 2003. While there hasn't been a ton of new building in the downtown/old town core, there has been a ton of reuse and reinvestment in the extant building stock. Market Square in particular was a revelation. I'm pretty sure The Tomato Head was the only thing there in 2003 and, surprisingly, it's still there but has been joined by a whole gang of new restaurants and shops. While it hosts the Farmer's Market and was the sight of a community event/concert on Friday night, it didn't need any programmed events to feel like the communal center/living room of the city. Too bad Nashville doesn't have an equivalent space of its own. 

I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about Market Square. My recollection of Knoxville goes back to the pre World’s Fair days, and the transformation from 1977 to today is incredible. Oh, that downtown Nashville should have an area that could rival the historic charm and vibrancy of Market Square! I was with a national tour that played the Tennessee Theatre in 2015 and everyone in the traveling company really enjoyed their time in Knoxville.

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Meow Wolf Denver opened to the public in September 2021, and everything about the building was defined by its tricky location. Designed to fill the void between the highways, the building rises 30 feet over three elevated viaducts: a stretch of I-25 and two off-ramps. The facade was even clad with specialty matte panels to ensure that the building doesn’t create a glare for drivers nearby. The result is something of an architectural feat—and a valuable lesson in how to build bold buildings on a piece of land that would’ve otherwise been unusable.

More here:


Denver 1.png

Denver 2.png

Denver 3.png

Denver 4.png

Denver 5.png

Denver 6.png

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