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MINI-MEETS, December 15th .YEAR END GET TOGETHER/Hunters Station 5pm till whenever!


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Hey folks,

Going to try and do a mini meet at the White Bison in the Nations this Saturday. I dont think we have ever had a meet in this area and I know we have a few posters in this area and would be great to see them come out and meet them.

Depending on the weather we could be on the patio or upstairs.

Just give me a heads up on who is going to try and be there.

I think we are going to try and do another little beer bust meet at Yee Haw pretty soon too like we did at City Tap last year.

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That's great!... One of the reasons we sort of wanted to do a mini meet there was to hopefully have a few folks that live in the area join us. Sometimes we may even do a walk in that neighborhood. Guys try to be there by 10:45 at the latest in case we do decide to do a walk.

Again going to try and get a beer bash set up for Yee Haw, but I need to make some parking arrangements first.

I also want to get a mini meet set up for WeHo in the not too distant future.

These are informal gatherings with no agenda and to get to know one another and talk about that neighborhood among other things that may arise.

Its been a while since we did the neighborhood mini meets and seems one of the last ones we did was several years ago in Germantown.

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6 hours ago, AsianintheNations said:

Hey - long-time lurker here, but I saw this pop up and it spurred me to finally register (I couldn't make excuses anymore since I live right by White Bison ...). Would it be alright if I dropped by on Saturday? I hope to start contributing to the forums as well, at least in the way of photos and maps. --Justin

Yes, Justin, you would be most welcome.  : )    Looking forward to meeting you.  

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Can someone please just edit the title to MINI MEETS.  I am limited on this tablet as to what I am able to do until I get my PC back hopefully later today.

Dicussing the August mini meet about doing a afternoon meet in the WeHo area instead of morning at one of the breweries or cideries in WeHo.

I realize the coffee shops are sort of limited there so I am open.

Just remember this is more than a beer bust like the July meet at YeeHaw as that is for fun and we can just let our hair down for those of us that have some, but  the WeHo will still be more of a meet discussing the WeHo, Fairgrounds, South Nashville area and to get those that live inthat are a chance to show their faces at a meet in thier neighborhood.

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Alrighty folks! Here is the date for our next get together for a mini meet.

We will do a Beer Bash on Tuesday July 23rd from 6 to 8 PM.

Location will be at the Yee Haw Brewery in SoBro at the corner of 6th Ave South and Peabody. 

This is going to be sort of a fun get together with no agenda and just a way for people to get to know each other. There are two food options available there, Princes Hot Chicken and White Duck Tacos.

If you dont drink, no problem, just have a coke and some tacos or chicken with us. There are also games in the patio area.

Shelby will be providing us with free parking and I will get with him before hand very soon and have him just post the parking instructions for us as to where we need to park and what we need to tell his attendant.

If you have never been to a meet or been to almost all, or never posted before and you are just interested in our group, all are invited. Just sort of give me a heads up here if you can so I have a general idea about how many to expect so I can let our friends at Yee Haw Know.

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I think Mark is planning on being there along with myself and William. John (doorman poet ) is a maybe because its his birthday. I urge him to attend because there is a beer with his name on it from me.


I will print out a few extra parking permits for those of you that are maybes or forget too and I will have them with me.

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