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How many People here


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simple question...

How many of you are active Poll Watchers... here is how we can count. Ill start with 1. next person that posts, 2, next person 3... so on and so forth.

Just kinda curious how many people we have watching these boards.


Nothing Like a good old fashion Action Group to boost things along. Even if you dont support the idea, still add to the total number... Just kinda curious what kinda reach this little group has. Those that read but never post, never want to post. post just this once. You never know, you might get hooked on posting.

please, only post once...

Anyway... Ill Start.


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I honestly only stumbled across here while I was looking for a general Jacksonville message board (anyone know of any good ones?), but am really interested in Urban Development and Jacksonville's potential and I love reading the inteliigent discussion and updated news on the city. Thanks for all of the information so far everyone, I feel like I am learning something new everytime I come here.

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