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Cesar Pelli, world renowned architect who designed the Wells Fargo (Wachovia) Tower has died


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Per the WSJ, Ceasar Pelli, world renowned architect, who designed some of the tallest buildings in the world and other major urban landmarks as died at age 92. He was the architect who designed the Wells Fargo (Wachovia) Tower. The 460 foot tall skyscaper was completed in 1995 at the cost of $80 million dollars.  Pelli designed the building with Moravian elements which are widely found in Winston-Salem. Notable aspects include the Moravian Arch, which was used in the dome's design and the Moravian Star which was used in the Lobby's mosaics.  Pelli said the tower design resembled a rosebud about to bloom. It is sheathed in Olympic white granite and is the only granite domed skyscraper in the world. The granite comes from a single quarry in  Sardinia in Italy.  The dome itself rises 59 feet and houses mechanical equipment.  Pelli also had another Winston project which was the Worrell Center located on the Wake Forest Campus and was built in 1993

Pelli who has been cited as one of the most influential architects of his time also designed the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which at 1,485 feet in one of the tallest buildings in the world. 

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Mr. Pelli not only used the Moravian arch as well as the Moravian star motives in his interior and exterior details of the Wachovia Center, he also used the outline of the neighboring RJ Reynolds tower to echo the silhouette of his design near the top of Wachovia Center before the breaks  occur near the dome.

The exterior landscape work by his wife, Diana Balmori,  incorporating pergolas overlooking the freeway, is often forgotten.

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