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Aspire in The Gulch Apartments, 11 stories, 360 units, 805-809 Division St.


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Just a little more info. I can't reveal where I saw the rendering, but one is floating around and I did see it. I do not know who the architect is, but the building I think will be OK. My guess is since they have a Millennium Music Row and Infinity Music Row, this property will more than likely be Millennium Gulch. The Infinity is the Luxury brand and the Millennium is the multifamily brand and it would be confusing to have two of one kind on the same street. 

The Infinity is the one built as Crescent Bluebird, that Dinerstein bought. 

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A few more details on this project:

- The moniker will include Dinerstein's Vantage brand.

- Dinerstein is still wrapping-up the purchase of the sites from RJ Young.

- Hoar Construction will definitely be the  general contractor.

- Early 2020 groundbreaking is planned. If so, it would seem that the two warehouse buildings on site would be razed starting no later than November.

More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


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And Metro wants to know why they are in the hole. They buy high and sell low. Whenever something is out for bid it always goes for way under the value of the land. Something is wrong with the way Metro does things. But it seems it is that way way with the state and the feds. Everyone looks and says hey there are some suckers, lets take em to the cleaners..

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