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Tishman Speyer tower (49 stories? 680'? 467,000 sq. ft. office space, 365 residential units) at 133 KVB (1st Ave. South & KVB)


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3 hours ago, markhollin said:

Some new details from William Willliams at The Post:

- Four filings have been made by Tishman Speyer with the Tennessee Secretary of State.  They notate two limited partnerships, and two corporations.

- The future building could be offering residential units based on some language in the filings.

More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


Corporations as in corporate relocations?

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  • markhollin changed the title to Tishman Speyer tower (49 stories? 680'?) at 133 KVB (1st Ave. South & KVB)
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  • markhollin changed the title to Tishman Speyer tower (49 stories? 680'? 467,000 sq. ft. office space, 365 residential units) at 133 KVB (1st Ave. South & KVB)

Thanks, seems that both are close in scale. Austin’s has more retail, but the office sq footage in Nashville is actually more then their retail and office combined. And there is about the same number of residential, but if Nashville’s is all 3 bedrooms they will take more sq footage then studios and 1-2 bedroom units. So even giving the fact of a larger footprint and lot size , this should still be impressive.

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48 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

The big difference between the the Nashville and Austin TS projects are that the Austin project is on a much smaller footprint. The Austin project is on about a. 4-acre site whereas the Nashville project looks to be a 1.7-acre site.


Here are the plans for the TS tower in Austin:

They are partnering with the Ryan Cos. there on on 321 West (Formerly BBVA Tower) | FT | 58 FLOORS
Here is the breakdown of the Austin tower  tower 770’ project


Levels 1-11 = Parking with ground floor retail     300,000 square feet and ground-floor retail.
Levels 12-17 = Offices   140,000 square feet of office space across seven floors
Levels 18-19 = Amenities
Levels 20-60 = Apartments    363 units of residential comprising of 75% studio and one-bedroom apartments and the remaining 25% are proposed two and three bedrooms.

- 467,000 sq. ft. of office space

- 365 three bedroom residences (unclear if rental or condo)

- 9,400 sq. ft. of retail

- 887 seat restaurant

I would say you can count on about the same number of floors of parking, maybe a little more.

so what you're saying is... Nashville will get a 8-story box right? JK

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3 minutes ago, Skyscrapergeek said:

William’s article mentions “apparently to rise 36 floors” which won’t get you to 650’ or 680’ without a really nice “speyer” or Tishman for that matter.  Do “we” know or still in the heavy speculation phase?

William is going off of Metro docs. from the old hotel.

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What would you all guess about the size of a 3 bedroom unit downtown. I’m thinking between 800-1000 sq ft per unit. Does that sound about right?  If so, then we are looking at between 292,000 - 365,000 sq ft of residential. Add that to 467,000 sq ft of office and 9,400 retail + 3500? for restaurant, that’s a total of 772,000 - 844,000 total sq ft + parking. That’s a sizable building, no kidding. 

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1 hour ago, smeagolsfree said:


The info for the TS tower is info we got from SSP and that was a trusted source there. Thats was for 49 stories @ 680'. We cannot say for sure until confirmed by TS. 

I will say with that amount of office space, I would say that they have a tenant in place.

Now with that amount of 3BR units downtown, it seems as if that is an untapped market as no one is building that many 3 BR units in the core and there may be a demand we do not know about.

Does the SSP lead or the Sewer Permit Request give any indication that all of the info is just one structure, or perhaps maybe a smaller tower in addition like the original 39 story Fairmont Hotel and smaller adjoining 14 story hotel on the south side of the lot?  That might explain the 365 residential units.   Just spitballing here.  

I could see ALL of it being in one tower, but as Luvemtall surmised, that would be one STOUT big boy for sure.  

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