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Strand and Peninsula-bosnian way

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It doesn't have any connections with Jacksonville but it is interesting,two brothers studying architecture in Malasia end up meeting some rich bankers and convinced them to spend some of their money into Bosnia-war torn country at time...Creating project called Bosmal City Center ,two luxury residential and office towers in capital of Bosnia ,Sarajevo...not super tall for american standars but tallest buildings in Balkan and that area of southern Europe,not to mention these building are designed by latest codes and clasified as 5 star condominiums.

Most amazing part how those two brothers pulled this off considering situation in country,economy and money spent into project.

Shows how dreams are not imposible when you work hard to make them come true.

As for looks of towers,this is Europe and 4 season climate so different colors and shapes on building just make whole thing look interesting and kinda of modern,not to mention heliodrom and resturant on top of both buildings.

This is there website in english http://www.bosmal.com/en/?lg=en


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