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Downtown Raleigh... A visual tour - Part 2.


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You know Raleigh-NC, I know the Goverment Complex is in downtown could you take a photo of its skyline or would it be taking away from the actual downtown buildings. I mean...............its such a gap from the northern side to southern side of the core.

It ashame they Archdale tower couldn't have been built near the other towers. It actually one of my fave! Its Raleigh's version of the Westen Building in regards to it flat shape! It looks like a book standing its side.

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The State Government Complex (henceforth SGC) would never take away from Raleigh's skyline, depending on where you view the latter from. If you stand around Capitol Park, the Archdale Building adds a lot, but if you take a shot from South, East, or West, SGC does nothing to improve the situation. I used to work in Archdale Bldg, and I admire it as one of the better ideas, but in many ways it feels suffocating because of its small number of windows. The Albemarle (third photo on the October 15th section, below the Archdale) has a lot more windows, but it is almost as suffocating if you work in the middle of the building.

Anyway, it would have been nice if the state government had built more towers but the whole 70's crap got into them pretty badly. SGC should have been located on Fayetteville Street Mall, in 3-4 towers, but I guess it was kind of late after they built around the Archdale. Still, there is hope, if they become more aware of the true opportunities that downtown momentum has created.

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