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Great Charlotte and NC Barbecue Debate Thread


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8 minutes ago, Rufus said:

Before it closed, I would have gone to my grave saying that Wilber's in Goldsboro was the best BBQ in the state, as well as the best Brunswick Stew. 

Being from Raleigh, I was raised on that and Bill Ellis in Wilson, well before Ed Mitchell opened the Pit in downtown Raleigh. I will always miss both Bill Ellis and Wilber's (which may reopen!)

as a poor college student I never made it to Wilbers in Goldsboro and had to get rides to local Greenville places.   But I hear great things about Wilbers.   Down in eastern NC every town has a hot spot and there is a great BBQ all over Pitt County home on Gville. 

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this is pretty good eastern NC style Barbecue in Charlotte Bubba's BBQ on Sunset.  


By the way here is my favorite Texas BBQ place for brisket and smoked turkey.  About 20 miles outside of San Antonio in rolling ranch lands.


don't miss it if you are ever in the Alamo City! 

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I'll join the fray with my favorite, Bodacious BBQ in Longview Texas. Rated as number 4 in the state of Texas according to Texas Monthly. 



Now, we don't live Texas and this is the NC bbq thread. Lexington is probably my NC favorite, I just don't get to make it out there much anymore. I do want to try Noble Smoke due to somebody constantly saying the brisket and turkey are good. One question KJ, is it at least served on paper?

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I've had lunch at Lexington BBQ and to honest, it was nothing special.  Good, yes, but I have good BBQ at many places.  Something people rave from rooftops from?  I don't get it in the least.   Oh well, not for me to debate since I am transplant for the 21 years I guess.   Excited to try some Noble Smoke however. I enjoy trying anyone's passion and that truly seems to be the case with Jim and this restaurant.   I never can remember to try Sweet Lews even though I hit up the Noda/PM breweries frequently :-(

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How's this for Texas Barbecue open only 4 days a week until it runs out. Free beer while you wait.  The best barbecue is west Texas outside of Lubbock in the small town of Wolfforth.

Served on butcher brown paper (as discussed Charlotte is not quite ready for this yet LOL)   Lots of awards for Evie Mae's and it lived it up to its reputation.  Loved the menu of paper that can be changed by the minute on availability.   I got my brisket and smoked turkey no problem of course I raced there from the bison herd 2 hours away. 














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Those hours mean they can work a single shift of employees, ~40 hours over four days. Far easier scheduling, employees have 3 days off per week, a great benefit, good environment, they work very well together as they know and trust each other. Anyone in the restaurant business knows employee scheduling can be a nightmare. Plus owners sleep well.

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