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Flatiron design hotel approve in Charleston. I absolutely love that look, for the right lot. Would it work in Greenville? https://digital2.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODN/PostCourier/shared/ShowArticle.aspx?doc=POCO%2F2019%2F10%2F14&entity=Ar03200&sk=58AA3ADF&mode=text

Try this link if the first does not work for you. https://www.postandcourier.com/business/real_estate/meeting-street-hotels-including-charleston-s-st-flatiron-building-get/article_d03be6dc-ec12-11e9-bd81-6b47d01ff0ab.html




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On 10/15/2019 at 6:49 AM, bikeoid said:

Before long, the flat green fence will be eligible for preservation under the National Register of Historic Places act since it's been there so long.

Good thing it's not in Charleston or they would never be able to tear it down before too much longer! :lol:


Love the Flatiron building, would be a great one outside of the box for us (pun intended)! 

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The Legal Services building is a micro-Flatiron in terms of its shape. I assume that it was originally a bank building; too bad it wasn't built taller. And the Bowater Building too.

Seems to me that a building of that shape should go on a corner of that shape. Ideally, at least. But it would look fabulous in Gville. They could create such a corner in the County Square site.

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On 9/24/2020 at 4:06 PM, HellyBrown said:

Wow, how beautiful! I am sure that all the people visiting it will be hapy to be here. As well as to have a dinner in the  restaurant in the ground floor. Anyway, I'd like to go here and to know what was the way to design this hotel.

Before you go there you may want to wait until/if it gets built, lol. :rofl:

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