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23-Story East West tower

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1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

I agree I think we have saved many great historical homes and neighborhoods and old warehouses and mills in this town.  But our tree canopy is what people like and mention the most.  When I went to downtown Dallas last month it was largely devoid of trees and landscaping very unlike our urban areas.  And houses of worship we have a plenty too.  Plus I think Charlotte is very clean compared to a lot of cities and this is good.   

I agree with @JorgiPorgi 100% 

I am going to Nashvegas next week and give you a full report with photos (but I have been there every year the last few years)  and maybe I can find that hottub pulled by a tractor downtown on Broadway. 

Nashville seems like a less verdant looking Raleigh with a more vibrant downtown. The west end neighborhoods look very similar to in town Raleigh. Nashville winters are much worse than ours, the mountains do a good job of blocking out a lot of Canadian air.

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Getting back to the topic at hand and I could talk about Nashville and Dallas all day long believe me,  I wonder if Stiles plan is similar to their Las Olas development in Fort Lauderdale which an office tower next to a high rise apartment tower.    I do think this is their likely plan as there is no big apartment tower built in the last 10 years in Southend as  the Hawk is a smaller more boutique building.  

Here is their press release


http://www.themainlasolas.com/   this is their new project in downtown FLL

Off topic   if you want to see recent Dallas photos go to their  UP thread I loaded them up.  I agree Dallas is better than I expected or remembered. 

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