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Fairmount Square

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In light of all the great uptown development, there is a big project going in at 920 cherry in the Fairmount Square area. Second Story Properties, along with Bazzani associates and ICCF is currently working on building the ICCF headquarters and a bunch of lofts/townhomes. The project promises to incorporate green elements with the Blodgett Home for Children for a community similar to the German courtyard houses.

The property is right near where lake st. crosses cherry st. and should be great for that small stretch of thriving businesses.

Finally some new housing in the city. Where else can you get a brand-new home that isn't in some subdivision or off of 28th street?

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Please see this topic:



I spoke w/Bazzani Associates last evening (after my visit to Hillmount), and I am impressed with this project. As I drove home, I passed the site, and didn't even recognize the building. All these years I have driven down Cherry and never, never, NEVER noticed this building!

If only I could hold out for a couple of years... not sure that is possible, but one never knows. The only drawback would be the distance to downtown as I enjoy walking to work.

The project should be very cool.


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