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Another Pittsburgh First?


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Pittsburgh has bucked the trend of the "crown vic" patrol car (though there are some in the fleet) primarly because of the narrow and steep terrain and streets in and around the city, though maybe only a 1/5 of all streets in the city have the "SF Lombard Street" type layout a patrol car has to be able to reach every corner of the city on the drop of a hat. Being a Pittsburgher I have seen many smallish police cars and motorcycle cops but this is a world's first to my knowledge, anybody know of any other city that has adapted a Mini Cooper to law enforcement?





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Yeah the streets of this city are definetly not kind to the Crown Vic cop car standby for the average American city. Remember the opening scenes of Striking Distance with Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker where all those cop cars are tumbling down that street in I think Duquesne. :lol:

I really wish the city would get some now that the county has.


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