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This has long been a pet peeve of mine as well. I simply don't understand the impetus. It takes more thought, effort, and action to roll down a car window, pick up trash, and throw it out the window than it does to leave it where it is, carry it with you when you get out, and drop it in a trash can as you walk by. Then again, there's lots people do that make no sense. We're not really good at sense.

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Not being Scrooge. Just stating a fact. Drive down any road in the area and you will see litter everywhere.

Report litter here-

City of Greenville: https://www.greenvillesc.gov/176/Greenville-Cares 

Greenville County: https://www.greenvillecounty.org/LitterPrevention/

SCDOT: http://dbw.scdot.org/workrequest/Default.aspx?FullSite=Yes

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On 12/24/2021 at 10:01 AM, gman430 said:

Litter everywhere. Even downtown. Keep up the great work Greenville. But hey, at least we will have a new overrated park. 

Why do you hate our beautiful city so much? Seriously, if I hated the place I lived as much as you do, I would move. 

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