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The Pinestone mixed-use development in the heart of Travelers Rest is under construction. As Master Developer for the Pinestone Capital, The Randolph Group has initiated the demolition of the existing buildings on the Pinestone property adjoining downtown Travelers Rest and U.S. Hwy. 25 to prepare the way for the construction of 100 single-family homes, 250 apartments, and nearly 77,000 square feet of commercial space for retail, office, as well as onsite parks, retail shops, and medical offices. Demolition of the former EMB-Tex textile plant and an adjoining warehouse will take at least 100 days with construction of developmental infrastructure expected to begin in late spring 2021.

The development of Pinstone by TRG will be a further transformation for downtown Travelers Rest with pedestrian and bike access to the popular Swamp Rabbit Trail. Homeowners and businesses will have safe and easy access to downtown restaurants, bars, shops, and other popular venues.

Pinestone’s residential component will include single-family detached and attached units. Townhomes, single-family, detached housing, and “missing middle” housing will be available beginning by late 2021. The plan is to inject diversity in design, aesthetics, and architectural appeal throughout the development and shunning the typical “cookie-cutter” design of most residential developments. The variety and diversity of design will create a broad range of home prices within the Pinestone community.

The rental apartments will be available for occupancy by 2022 providing outstanding amenities and creative floorplans. The placement of these units along an entry boulevard will culminate in parks, greenspace, and outdoor event space.

Jeff Randolph founder and long-term president of The Randolph Group says, “ This is a great opportunity for our company and the owners who have invested in the Travelers Rest community. We are excited about connecting Main Street and Hwy. 25 North providing access to the downtown area of Travelers Rest and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. People driving into the Upstate from Hwy 25 South will experience a major transformation in intentional design and connection to the downtown area. We are proud to be part of this incredible project that not only expands Travelers Rest, but provides homes of distinction, and class, to the Upstate in a unique, mixed-use community. The combination of residential and commercial space will be completely complementary to each other.”

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