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Fountain Vu 5 [Under Construction]


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Five-Story, Five-unit,   contemporary Townhome building with a maximum elevation height of 57.5 feet located in the Lake Eola Heights neighborhood. 
330 Broadway Ave. & 245 E. Ridgewood St.

The townhomes will be approximately 4,100 SF each and come with two-car garages and  terraces on the top floor offering views of Lake Eola and the Linton E. Allen Memorial fountain.







This project has begun construction and they are currently forming the foundations on the project site just northeast of Landmark I: 



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4 minutes ago, Jerry95 said:

I've been staring at these floorplans for a few minutes now and I cannot for the life of me understand the stairs between the 3rd, Landing, and 4th level.  Other than that it looks more office-like than townhome-like but I guess that's how things change. 

1st floor, straight run- must be 10 or 12 foot ceiling height. 2nd floor 90 degree, 3rd straight run. But, you're right, the landing to 4th is odd. It looks like you walk to the other side of the building to go up to the landing from the 3rd then walk back to the other side to go up to the 4th where there is a 90 degree at the top...?

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I think the "landing" is like a halfway area between the floors because the living room ceiling height is 14 feet and the kitchen doesn't need to be that high. So they created a  halfway type space  that could be useable space like a loft office,  etc. along with open air "Florida room" that can be used like garden space.  Its basically there to accomodate the unusually tall living room height on the floor below. 

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There is a loading dock/parking lot to the east of Landmark I.  This land will not be developed for the forseeable future, as it is part of Highwoods parcel, provides access to the existing building loading docks and freight elevator, necessary retention swales, and a couple of GIANT oak trees in the middle of it. 




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49 minutes ago, Jvest55 said:

Only way i'd buy a townhome with 4-5 stories is if it had elevator (which these do apparently). Even then it has its own problems.

How exactly do these have a view of the fountain?

They'll be high enough to see the fountain from the open terrace off the master.

That said, that master is gonna be awfully dark since the only light into it is coming from the south (which is blocked by Landmark on the west).  I guess the master closet windows will help?

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