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37 Story residential tower on Smith St

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Location is horrible (sorry Garrison). Wouldn’t pay the kind of rent this place would require to be flanked by 277, a factory, gas station, and skinny ass sidewalks up Graham (to get hit by side mirro

Density density density! Pretty soon everywhere inside 277 will be mid-rises and skyscrapers!

No opinion on whether this is likely to happen or not, but it would have a huuuuge impact on the skyline much in the same vein as FNB and the Ellis and the VUE. So for purely urban aesthetic reasons I

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8 hours ago, CharlotteWkndBuzz said:

Location is horrible (sorry Garrison). Wouldn’t pay the kind of rent this place would require to be flanked by 277, a factory, gas station, and skinny ass sidewalks up Graham (to get hit by side mirrors). Would be very surprised if this thing lifts off. 

Agreed. I wouldn’t even want there to be an office building there to work at because of how depressing that tucked off section is. Maybe they can clean that area up more maybe but idk. It’s not looking too exciting. 

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On 1/22/2020 at 4:49 PM, JacksonH said:

Huge impact on the skyline, yes, but also a huge cost for what could turn out to be a total dud.  It doesn't appear that there are a lot of amenities nearby, which is the main attraction for urban living.  And if they can't attract residents to fill up all those floors then there would be no point in building it.  But like Hushpuppy suggests, the Silver Line could totally change that equation 

 I'd imagine that if this broke ground there would be a rush of options to follow. Like you said, the Silver line coupled with something like this could produce a sizeable amount of foot traffic. Maybe could produce a dare I say, store front corridor... One can hope, right?

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12 hours ago, KJHburg said:

Here is the thread it was 5 pages back.  Is this going to happen soon? 

I know in the Misc Uptown Thread it was said this is going to now happen, and I know we need more unit in town, COVID hasn't changed that at all. 

But I still can't get over the location unless they know something we don't.

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I just read a story in the Atlanta Business Chronicle about how high rise rental properties are slowing there due to higher construction costs and land costs and softening rents.  They said there you would need $3 a sq ft in rent to justify a new high rise rental.  I can't imagine Charlotte would be much different.  There has been a lot of inventory of apartments come online and more coming with the Ellis and 500 W Trade.    To my real estate background this is a subpar location as a high rise in Southend would do well or even in another part of uptown.   Call me skeptical on this one.  

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Here's to hoping that in the next 2 or 3 years that NWR purchases this lot since they seem to be on a High-Rise Apartment building spree.  If they did purchase it I could see them building that 37 Story Tower beginning in 2025 or 2026.  If the Transit Referendum actually passes this coming November 2021, I would move up my estimate by a year that this lot would at least be purchased.  Even though its a tight lot in an awkward spot, the views of Uptown would be spectacular which drives lease up.

Lets all encourage Northwood (NWR) and Lennar Multi-Family (LMC) to go on High-Rise Apartment War in Charlotte.  Its about damn time.  Tired of only seeing this occur in Austin with their Apartments & Condo High-Rises.

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