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125 Baldwin Tower and Hotel Cherry-Elizabeth area


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As I posted in one of the other threads, the zoning plan for this project was approved in June of 2018 and can be found here http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2017/175-190/2017-177%20approved%20site%20plan.pdf

Since the zoning was already approved, I do not see much issues being posed by either the Elizabeth or Cherry residents.


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51 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

yes it looks like marketing is in earnest now.  Hope this gets built as it would have awesome views of the uptown skyline.

125 Baldwin – A Mixed Use Development | NAI Southern Real Estate (srenc.com)

new video I think too


The video has been on YouTube since 2019. I really hope this building can get out of the ground though.

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Drove by this site the other day and noticed there was a sign on the corner advertising this office building. It also looked like the Novant rehab(?) building was no longer in use (corner of 3rd and baldwin). At least that was the first time during a weekday that I have noticed it with 0 cars in the parking lot.

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On 4/4/2022 at 11:20 AM, atlrvr said:

So last Friday (on April Fools Day no less) a rezoning was filed for a site plan amendment.  The sole purpose of the request was to reduce/remove the left-hand turn lanes from Baldwin onto 3rd (from both directions, the neighborhood and coming from 4th), add a bike lane, and to slightly adjust the cross-walks.  The justification was to accomodate CDOT proposed intersection improvements.

I mean, I'm not sure if this was a technical requirement that CDOT needed (and is paying for this rezoning) or if this is some sign of life here.


There was a stoplight on the rezoning amendment, was that on the original site plan? In any case, the light and crosswalks will make that section of the road a lot more pedestrian-friendly. I live a few blocks from there and I've dashed across 3rd street many a time as there is nowhere to cross between Queens and Charlottetowne.

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