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Documents were posted on a City of Austin utilities website yesterday for two proposed towers - one office and one residential - for the site of the Railyard Condos that were sold to a developer late last year for over $100 million.  The site consists of two adjacent half blocks next to the site of the proposed convention center expansion.  A marketing flyer from late last year showed two towers, and one of them appeared to be over 1,000'.  The footprint, uses and proposed square footage suggests that the office tower may be around 750' and the residential around 950'.  But those are only guesses without knowing anything about the parking configuration, setbacks, etc.

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These are the uses along with associated square footage according to the documents filed with the city.  The amount of parking is not identified.  But that in itself will be substantial because cars and commuting are still a thing:  

ATX East Tower:  

800 residential units (500 apartments + 300 Condos)

15K Sq. Ft. restaurant


ATX West Tower:

884K Sq. Ft. office

15K Sq. Ft. restaurant


Here is the site of the ATX East tower:  



Here's the ATX East tower site from the Austin Utilities project filing:  




Here's the ATX West tower site:  



Here's the ATX West tower site from the Austin Utilities filing:  



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2 hours ago, Flotex said:

Hi there, I just registered here to thank you for the great information you always bring here.
Thank you and let's keep enjoying with the growth of Austin.

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Thanks.  I mainly post about the 300'+ projects on UP and cross post the info to SSC.  But all the Texas cities are included in the same subforum on SSC, so UP is the place to go for Austin only info.  There are of course, a lot of other great urban projects happening in Austin including 10 to 20-story buildings that I don't bother to post about.  I'm mainly interested in Skyscrapers.  SSP is the place to go for all the "other" projects.    

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