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10th & Lea, 1 or 2 towers, 350,000 sq. ft. office, 400 residential units

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8 minutes ago, Luvemtall said:

Shh.....we all need to be quiet. If Mayor Cooper hears about this ... you know he's with them save our parking lots crowd.

Hey now, you can’t have a carnival if there’s no where to park. 

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Don't have my readers as I try to see that diagram... 400 units!? So what does 355 net mean? Does it say anywhere what the height will be.

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I tried enlarging the diagrams, etc. here. It is indeed, 400 residential units, although handwritten scrawl says 355 net units.  Not sure what that means.

Also, it kinda-sorta appears that they are going to retain the existing 2 story, 33,500 sq. ft. 1926-era brick building on the NW corner of the lot.  Let's hope so.   : )


10th & Lea, Feb 4, 2020, diagram 1.png

10th & Lea, Feb 4, 2020, diagram 2.png

10th & Lea, Feb 4, 2020, water permit 1.png

10th & Lea, Feb 4, 2020, water permit 2.png

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26 minutes ago, MLBrumby said:

Don't have my readers as I try to see that diagram... 400 units!? So what does 355 net mean? Does it say anywhere what the height will be.

I have to use my readers , then increase the magnification on the computer screen by about 5 times to see this stuff. I also have a 21 inch monitor, so my eyesight is getting worse the older I get. Getting harder and harder to read these Metro Docs.

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    • By markhollin
      Entrepreneur Bill Miller (Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline Museums, House of Cards, Nudie's Honkey Tonk, Skull's Rainbow Room, Sinatra's, etc.) wants to build a 16 story, 143 ft. addition on top of the 98-year-old, 3 story Federal Reserve Bank Building at 226 3rd Ave. North. It would include restoring much of the original structure as part of a new hotel. No word yet on brand, or how many rooms, although the added structure will take up 46,700 sq. ft. on the new levels. 

      The documentation is a bit unclear---the renderings show an 8 story addition, and yet some elements talk about 12 more stories.

      This will be across the street from the planned 11 story addition for the Indigo Hotel on top of the 118 year old Nashville Trust Building (which has been approved).

      Miller will go before the Metro Planning Commission on Thursday, April 9, to request an overall height modification for the property above the 6 levels of new development allowed by current codes for that neighborhood.

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


    • By markhollin
      ONE22ONE will be the name of the  23 to 27 story,   365-500,000 sq. ft. office tower to be built on the .58 acre Firestone Store site at 1221 Broadway by GBT Realty.  It will include 7,000 sq. ft. of street level retail. They are also under contract for the .2 acre site just to the west owned by Rusty Dunn, that will make the full site .78 acre. Tentative opening is 2022.

      The parcel is zoned to allow a building of 20 floors. It falls within the Metro Planning Department’s Downtown Code and, as such, GBT eventually will go before the Downtown Code Review Committee to seek bonus height, which could yield a structure of, as noted, up to 27 floors. The company is expected to offer street-level activation and design elements beyond what is required to gain the bonus height.

      Construction financing not secured yet.
      More at the Nashville Post here:


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      Here is the rendering from The Nashville Post site:

      Here are two other renderings I found online:

      This screen shot form Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

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