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Kimpton Hotel in the West End

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This project is indeed coming back to life. Hotel rooms will be reduced from 170 to 130 but rooms are larger than before.  20-25 condos are now in the project which is why two more floors have been ad

Fencing is going up around the site. 

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On 4/17/2021 at 11:57 AM, cabelagent said:

Very nice....wish they'd  split it & double the height...build on top of a 4 level parking deck.   :D

Yeah, I really wish some of these would have smaller footprints and not just square/rectangular in shape but...

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On 4/18/2021 at 6:57 PM, Skyliner said:

This will be a nice addition to the West End district.  The only question I have is, what does the side facing downtown look like?

Agreed, @Skyliner, from the limited views of that side in the DRB packet, it doesn't look like there is much character to the Northeast facade of the structure.

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On 4/23/2021 at 2:57 PM, Joey_Blackdogg said:

Agreed, @Skyliner, from the limited views of that side in the DRB packet, it doesn't look like there is much character to the Northeast facade of the structure.

I suppose it isn't a high priority considering that side of the building will face the railroad rather than a street, but I was slightly surprised they didn't continue some of the distinct design features from the Markley/Rhett sides to the side facing the central business district.

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Posted (edited)

Staff generally finds the modification consistent with the Downtown Design Guidelines and the previous hotel approval in 2019. The additional floors do not adversely affect the design and are well integrated into the overall building mass. The architecture retains its industrial era-like design with a mix of brick, exposed steel, and glass. Glass balconies at the corner, shared with the street intersection, are also provided.

Staff finds that the additional stories for the residential component are consistent with the adjacent buildings along the east side of N. Markley Street. The Homewood Suites is 8 stories tall, while 110 N. Markley Street is 5-6 stories tall.
The street-level floor plan has not been modified significantly from the original approval. The first floor remains connected to the sidewalk with the inclusion of retail and restaurant uses and an architecturally interesting storefront. The garage entrance remains on Rhett Street and does not affect N. Markley Street, which acts as a north/south connector from S. Main Street to S. Academy Street.
The parking garage design and engineering has also not changed nor resulted in a change of design on the off-street facing facades.
The applicant indicated to staff that parking off-site will be acquired in order to provide sufficient parking for the new multi-family needs.
One Design Guideline that staff wishes to address is in regard to the monolithic design on the building ends facing 110 N. Markley Street and 508 Rhett Street. These blank walls, where presumably another building would attach in the future, should be addressed in the interim. As these areas are where the staircases are located, fenestration that punches into the wall may not be allowed, per the Building Code. Therefore, appropriate treatment to the blank monolithic wall may account for this requirement.
The building zone transition area includes a sidewalk and planting areas that appear to be consistent with the applicable Design Guidelines.
Street furnishing locations and materials and pedestrian-scaled street lighting are not provided in this application request.
Although the signage is conceptual in nature, the general placement and design appears to be compliant to the Design Guidelines.

Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends approval with the following conditions and comments:

1. The building ends facing 110 N. Markley Street and 508 Rhett Street shall include appropriate fenestration, such as opaque windows, to prevent a monolithic design. The number and placement shall require approval by a 2 Member Committee of the DRB.
2. The applicant shall submit to staff street furnishing and lighting cut sheets and site plan for review and approval with a 2 Member Committee of the DRB.
3. As the sanitary sewer capacity request form has expired, a new one must be submitted to the Environmental Engineering Division for approval.
4. Streetscape planters must be irrigated with rainbird with a rain sensor installed. Sod to be Bermuda. Irrigation to be installed and maintained by applicant.
5. At time of permit submission, plans will need to indicate all required fire access to structure for new high-rise hotel.
6. The applicant shall provide to staff, at the time of permitting, a complete parking plan, noting the location of off-site spaces, and provide the necessary private parking agreements.
7. This certificate of appropriateness (CA) is considered a specific site development plan. As such, the CA issued for this project shall be subject to Land Management Ordinance Section 19-2.2.14 Lapse of approval/vested rights and the Vested Rights Act, Article 11, of Chapter 29, Title 6, of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976 (S.C. Code §§ 6-29-1510 et seq.). The CA shall be valid for a period of two years from the date of approval by the Board. The Vested Right shall be granted up to five annual extensions upon a written request for an extension must be received by the applicant at least sixty (60) days before expiration, unless any change or amendment to the land development ordinance or regulations of the City of Greenville’s Code of Ordinances were to be amended that would no longer allow execution of the site specific development plan. At any time during the two-year period or any subsequent Vested Rights extensions, the applicant may be granted a building permit from the City Building Official. Should the CA expire at any time prior to the application for a building permit, such permit shall not be issued until a current CA is provided

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