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Stock crash and unfinished buildings?


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44 minutes ago, Windsurfer said:

Looks like all the workers are still at it despite the big drop..... 

The S&P 500 is still higher than 1 year ago when most of these buildings started construction. Stock markets don't rise indefinitely. Sometimes it is up, sometimes it is down.

More important than the market.... is will this actually become a pandemic that impacts quality of life and safety in the United States (people afraid to be in public, wearing masks, avoiding eating out or going to the mall, air travel restricted, et..).... remains to be seen. If it doesn't, the market will recover. 

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It will shape up to be an especially nutty year any way you slice it. An especially contentious US Presidential election with all kinds of shenanigans, uncertainty about the economy and a "overdue" correction. The potential disruption of supply chains and materials in a global market, and more! <popcorn_emoji>

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6 hours ago, Blue_Devil said:

The stock market won’t stop these buildings from being finished, in fact it probably won’t even hurt employment.

what is actually going to hurt employment and the economy is the global logistical issue we are about to hit. We are going to run out of various materials in short order.  



Looks like valuations have decreased for many companies this week. The fed has promised the sustain growth today which is how we pulled from the 1000 point Dow decline. There are lots of overdue bubbles to be popped and it only needs 1 trigger.

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1 hour ago, kerigd said:

The situation is not getting better. Some companies are closing their offices, reducing staff, etc. 
It looks sad. Are we in a crisis? 
I'm worried about how to grow the business. I have children who need to be educated.

As a taxpayer, I want a rebate on my property taxes for all  of these under utilized school buildings!:tw_fearful:

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