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110 East: 23 story Tower by Stiles/Shorenstein


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2 hours ago, tozmervo said:


I'm finding myself increasingly disappointed in this project. The parking deck looks like sht and makes this thing look horribly suburban in what should be a super urban corner. The very basic glass box on top does nothing to salvage it. Hastings is capable of much better work than this.


Nashville look LOL why even show even a corner of that garage like that? 

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1 hour ago, atlrvr said:

Phase 2 will be blocking the view of the uncovered portion.

It will one day but in the meantime they could have done something there.  Lots of exposed garages in Nashville where the architect is from just there believe me. 

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1 hour ago, CLT2014 said:

Well.... the pretty view of the Uptown skyline while walking on the southern portion of the rail trail was nice while it lasted.....

Along with the harmonious aesthetics within South End itself.  Bye bye to that and hello to South End turning into what too many American cities are really good at: uglifying themselves and sacrificing quality of life and beauty for the sake of immediate financial gratification.  Bigger does not mean better.

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Is this any worse than Lowe’s tech center and Portman square garages?  Portman square not right in front of a rail stop, true, although it will be soon.  Both buildings are set atop prominent garages though.  We get these prominent garages because there’s really no popular discourse in Charlotte about “going carless” as cultural evolution.  Until that changes and Charlotte is known for its “carless is cool” sensibilities, developers and those backing developments are going to see ample parking as essential.

Also, South End might be well served by a Design Review Committee, although perhaps little moves like that start to scare off developers and their projects maybe?

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3 hours ago, RANYC said:

Will take dozens of Binaco Towers all over Center City, including at this 110 East site, any day of the week over the soulless monstrosities, and I think we'd end up a more interesting city for it.

Some might argue that these glass box high-rises are a big-box super-center scourge on our urban real-estate landscape.

I couldn't agree more and can't thank you enough for this comment.

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