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Des Moines Metro Development


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Just thought I'd add this thread for Des Moines metro developments. As time allows, I'll try to add things to this thread. Please, add if you have anything. For now, I just wanted to create the thread to get it started. I currently reside in Ames, having moved here from Louisiana last year, and am moving to the Des Moines area within the next year.

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I'll start trying to gradually fill this in.  

Will start with the Bridge District, a master planned downtown residential community on reclaimed industrial land.  Unfortunately, there are still a few warehouse holdouts. This development is being built in phases and will add about 500 new dwelling units to the East Village Neighborhood of DT.  There are a few apartment projects that've been built, one on the way, and plenty of rowhomes that are selling for $425k and up.

The plan for the area


Level Apartments have just broken ground and will complete the multi-family projects in this development.




Velocity and Verve Apartments have already been built





Rowhomes and former train trestle repurposed to art




The district coming together from afar


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The Surety Hotel project is a $40 million conversion of a classic office tower that was seeing its vacancy slide.  The Aparium Group from Chicago is renvoting this building into a 138 room boutique hotel that will probably be one of the nicest hotels in the metro.  There will also be a lounge and a restaurant space called the Mulberry Street Tavern.  Completion is expected for this fall.

Here's a before photo showing the windows that were partially enclosed.  The new renovation has restored the original size to the window openings.  



Renderings of the hotel







Current exterior progress




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DMRyan, thanks for posting this stuff! I love Des Moines and seeing new things being built, especially in the downtown area. But the repurposing of older buildings gets an A+ from me, as I hate to see old buildings crumble as I saw so often back in my hometown!

Is the Bridge District the area of the East Village by the pagoda on the riverfront? I love that area.

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The District at 6th project is just wrapping up construction in the burgeoning Market District area on the fringe of downtown.  This project has 213 dwelling units and some first floor commercial space.  The project is entirely parked underground, and features a pedestrian plaza street that is open to the public to enjoy.


Another new apartment project was constructed next door and opened up last fall, called the Rowat Lofts.  The silver crane derrick you see in the center courtyard was repurposed from the old cut stone business that used to be on the site, which was a nice way to pay homage to the industrial character of the neighborhood.


Pedestrian Street concept


Another smaller 58 unit apartment project is also under constructon just to the south of the buildings shown above.  This project is called The Connolly Lofts



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I know this is an urban forum, but I wanted to point out that the northwestern suburb of Grimes is really starting to build up. They are building a new Hy-Vee store off 141 at 1st Street with a lot of development around it. A new Arby's, a new Culver's, what appears to be a shopping strip, and a Dupaco all on the west side of 141. This is all part of a very large development which will also include a regional/national sports complex. I think I heard of more housing going in that area as well? As if Grimes is short on housing, because it seems like every area of Grimes has new home construction going on.

On the east side of 141 there is a new Starbucks going up in front of Menards and O'Reilly Auto Parts just opened right across the street. 

The area just south of the Amazon shipping hub is growing again, with more large warehouse/office space being built in that commerce park near Daimler. 

I also see another large warehouse being built just north of the new Urban Loop flyover.

Across from the QT at 141 and 37th St, they are planning a new Hy-Vee Express, which will include a coffee shop as well. It won't be a Starbucks, though, since they're currently building the Starbucks to the north that I previously mentioned.

Grimes definitely seems like a place to watch as far as suburban development is concerned.

On the subject of suburban development, I'm wondering what will become of the Altoona-Bondurant corridor on the northeast side of the metro now that Amazon's new facilities are open in that area. With Facebook being right around the corner from there, I could easily see more growth occurring in that corridor.


Pictured: Grimes downtown water towers



Warehouse which now houses the Amazon delivery center


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It's quite a shame this project got all screwed up. This would have been an excellent addition to downtown Des Moines. A tall condo/hotel tower, an Alamo Drafthouse and a tall parking garage. The only thing that ever got built was the parking garage, and when the developer defaulted on their loan, the city seized the project.







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New Transload station officially opens in Des Moines.




Dave & Buster's now official in West Des Moines:


My previous article about the Dave & Buster's project:


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I'm surprised with, as fast as the DSM Metro is growing, this forum isn't pretty active. With a growth rate of 100,000 new Metro residents every 10 years  for at least the past 20 years, and tons of new people moving to the metro literally every day, there's a lot to be excited about in the Metro and surrounding areas!


I'll update with a few projects:

  * I-35 widening from Ankeny to Huxley (eventually to Ames), preparing for future growth between Ames and the Metro - under construction

  * East Mixmaster modernization and flyover addition - under construction

  * West Mixmaster modernization - currently in design??

  * Des Moines International Airport new terminal and parking garage expansion - under construction

  * TopGolf - coming soon

  * Bombers Golf/Hotel & Entertainment District - under construction

  * Dave & Buster's - recently opened

  * The Grand Experience, massive $600 million indoor water park and hotel complex - in planning stage

  * 515 Walnut Tower, 33 story modern apartment tower - in planning stage/working on funding

  * Vibrant Music Hall/Aloft Hotel & Entertainment District - under construction

  * Court Avenue Entertainment District - redevelopment in progress

  * New apartment complexes all over the metro - too many to list - under construction and in planning

  * Waukee Towne Center lifestyle/shopping center - under construction

  * Jordan Creek Tower - 5-story mixed-use building with luxury condos - being developed in the Jordan Creek area of West Des Moines

  * Blue Zoo - Growing national chain aquarium and learning center being developed near Jordan Creek Town Center - under construction?

  * New medical district in Johnston (I don't remember the name) - in planning stage

  * Iowa Speedway - new events are bringing people back to the speedway in Newton - IndyCar and NASCAR are back and breathing new life into the track


Not exactly in the metro, but just up the road in Ames on the Iowa State University campus

  * CyTown - Massive new entertainment/shopping/residential district connecting Jack Trice Stadium and Hilton Coliseum


Pretty much every suburb is growing rapidly, with several leading the state and the Midwest in population growth. I'm so proud to call Central Iowa home!

I'm sure I missed some major projects, these are just off the top of my head. If anyone actually visits this forum anymore, feel free to add projects.

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