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Albion, 21 stories/270 ft, 415 residential units, 5,650 sq. ft. of retail, 364 car garage, 645 Division St.


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1 minute ago, Somedaysoon said:

Thanks for the welcome.  If there are ever any questions about the project I would be more than welcome to provide some insight.  

Really sharp building, I’m a big fan. Any idea on price point for the apartments?

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5 minutes ago, Somedaysoon said:

Thanks, the building is coming out very nicely and we can't wait to see the finished product.  We are going to do some cool things with mosaic tile on the columns at the ground level under the east tower (see attached photo) that will liven up the area.

The price point will probably be in the low to mid $3 per square foot range depending on where the market is a year from now which is commensurate with other apartment buildings in the area that have recently been completed.  But it is still almost a year out from final completion so we will have to see what happens.

Column 4.jpg

Thank you good sir

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7 hours ago, rolly said:

Can we agree this is the coolest tower going up right now?

I like it…but the new Alcove and Pinnacle are higher up the list for me.  But all of those are great, including Albion.  

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42 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

I may have news about the next Albion project as far as height and units. I will have to wait before I post as I need to make sure first, but I think it will be taller than the current project.

I hope they continue to expand. This is a beautiful building. Will look good paired with Somera Road.

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