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801 Church St./PRIME (38 stories, 456', 358 units, 2,654 sq. ft. retail, 511 capacity garage)

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Looking west from 4th Avenue at the future Church Street buildings...includes the 'Prime',  the 'Alcove', '1001 Church', 'Amazon Phase1',  and the Gibson (1111 Church). I think the original photo came

Just the latest on this one from the NBJ... storm drainage grading permit and preliminary site work, from NBJ:  https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/construction/article/21144691/permit-patrol-30-no

A new rendering that includes both 900 Church and 801 Church has been released by Tony Giarratana. Since it includes each tower, I am posting on both threads. More behind the Nashville Post paywa

Posted Images

Yes, Nashville is heading to be a car free city, especially since he doesn't want to spend the money to build parking. Next it will be how athletic we all are so we don't need elevators. I get that the whole argument on not having cars downtown, but the folks I know who live downtown laugh at the idea of not having a car. I also know several folks who want to live downtown but don't work there. They are not taking the bus to Cool Springs or biking to even midtown in 90 degree July. It does seem that he is acknowledging the some need for parking by including in this project.

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35 minutes ago, nashvylle said:

I don't know the specifics, but I imagine the lenders for his 900 Church Street tower balked at not having parking, so Tony G 's purchase of 801 will make them comfortable. Tony doesn't have to build both towers simultaneously, but can build the parking lot for 900 on 801 simultaneously. The 801 parking garage can be built to support a future tower, too.

Let's just pray the 801 tower design has a crown. Tony needs his crown!!!!

Tony already has three residential towers on Church Street. If he manages to build Paramount, 900 Church, and 801 Church, his management of the renaissance of Church Street as a residential corridor IS his crown! (Although it WOULD be amazing to see the Signature Tower, complete with its showy spire, added to Tony’s Church Street collection.)

Just now, JoeyX said:

It's stupid to believe that people are going to go without a car and just live their entire lives in a sandbox area of 1 or 2 miles or want to be dependent on some other entity for their transportation.

Zip Cars and other such services are valid options for those who live in urban areas and don’t have need for a vehicle on a regular basis but want to make a Costco run. For short trips, Uber and Lyft. It’s not that unreasonable to live without a car.

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Not trying to be argumentative but - I know several people who live downtown and all have cars. Most folks aren't walking to Publix or Whole foods when it's 30 or 90 outside. They don't have room for stockpiles of groceries. A lot of females are leary Lyft/Uber. Are Zip cars or similar services here? You have to park them somewhere too. Obviously some will do it, but how many folks do you know, in Nashville, that have no car? 

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Totally understand and neither am I. I'm just speaking to my experience in the design/planning in Nashville, but also in Boston in urban settings. Many of my senior colleagues push back on my when I talk about minimized parking too. IDK many folks that don't have a car. I know one specifically that lives basically in oneCity and commutes to Sobro everyday without a car. I know Turo is here, but know Zip is not here. I'm not saying that people have to give up there car, but recognizing that it should not be a given that every single building in the city needs to provide it. Having a car is more of a privilege than it is a freedom and if people want to live in downtown AND have a car, they may have to pay a premium. Parking is not cheap to build and ultimately lends itself to living units and retail slots costing more to rent/lease

It also doesn't help that the city essentially subsidizes parking everywhere....

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2 hours ago, donNdonelson2 said:

Bos2Nash, I have to wonder if the condo building adjacent to 813/817 has the air rights to those two parcels, as their north facing units have windows facing that property.

(image from Google maps)


Thanks for pointing that out. It appears to be an alley there. Any development may face the same argument the Orbison is attempting to make over in midtown.


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10 hours ago, downtownresident said:

Again, I know nothing as well, but this is the lot we had speculated could be a landing spot for Paramount should the park land swap not work out. Maybe we could get the best of both worlds, get a reprogrammed park/Anne Dudley Davis Blvd, and Paramount. 

I doubt Tony will do the Anne Dudley Davis Park if Paramount doe's not go at the Church St. Park location. Why would he even want to give the city anything if given the shaft by Cooper.

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1 hour ago, smeagolsfree said:

I doubt Tony will do the Anne Dudley Davis Park if Paramount doe's not go at the Church St. Park location. Why would he even want to give the city anything if given the shaft by Cooper.

Of course he wouldn't.  That park would've benefited his project and make Paramount that much more attractive if it were built. Paramount in its current design doesn't really work at this plot because it is right at the corner of a busy intersection. My guess is it would have to be reconfigured to enter off of Rosa Parks and exit through that alley space.

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On ‎6‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 7:30 AM, markhollin said:


Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 7.17.20 AM.png


Wait, so Tony does not yet own the two red parcels next to the blue parcel in the photo above?  That's a pretty significant risk to the project if he still needs to acquire the land, in my opinion.

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4 minutes ago, Armacing said:

Wait, so Tony does not yet own the two red parcels next to the blue parcel in the photo above?  That's a pretty significant risk to the project if he still needs to acquire the land, in my opinion.

I don't think he needs to acquire them, but I could be wrong. 

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  • smeagolsfree changed the title to 801 Church St. (38stories? 440'? 351 units, 1,600 sq. ft. retail, garage)

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    • By markhollin
      A 25 story/299 ft. residential tower, featuring 360 units, 6,500 sq. ft. of ground level retail, and a 420 capacity garage is being planned by Arizona based Cleveland Associates/Clark Street Holdings on the former sites of Jack in the Box/Taco Bell just west of the Graduate Hotel that is under construction.

      The apartment tower's parking garage would be accessed from the alley behind the building, "to alleviate traffic conflicts and maintain a continuous, safe, and pedestrian-friendly West End Avenue," CA Ventures wrote in its Metro filing.

      The group is seeking plan rezoning for the site at an Oct. 25th Metro Planning Commission meeting. 
      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:




      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site in teal in center of the frame:

    • By markhollin
      The curved, 45 story, 610' aluminum and glass 800 Lea (working name) will be the latest addition in Tony Giarratana's family of residential towers.  It will hug the west side of the Music City Center Roundabout at the confluence of 8th Ave. South, Korean Veterans Blvd, and Lafayette St.  It appears there will be about 120 luxury condos, and a 60 capacity underground garage (3 levels). 

      Goettsch Partners is thee architect; Barge Design is handling land planning and engineering.  They will go before the MDHA Design Review Committee on Tuesday to seek approval for the exterior form and function of the building, a name for which is not listed in the document submitted to MDHA.
      Additional info should be coming early next week. 

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

    • By markhollin
      A 34 story residential tower at 900 Church St. is being planned for a Summer 2022 opening by Tony Giarratana on the .31 acre lot at 900 Church St. It should stand at least 400 feet in height. No word on how many units, or if there is a parking garage included.

      This thin block is now inhabited by the 1 story YMCA of Middle Tennessee admin building, which has no historical significance. It is also just one block east of the twin Amazon towers currently under construction as part of the Nashville Yards development. 
      More at the Nashville Post here:

      Official website:



      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

      Tony already has hype starting on the digital billboard at the Broadway/West End Ave. split:

    • By markhollin
      Metro's future Permanent Supportive Housing and Downtown Homeless Service Center appears to be moving forward at 505 2nd Ave. North, just across Gay St. from the new Criminal Justice Center.  The small lot will feature a multi-story structure (still no official height or renderings) that will include at least 100 permanent housing units, and a homeless service center that will feature on-site counseling, basic hygiene and health services, and case management and housing navigation.

      Bell & Assoc. will serve as the contractor; Moody-Nolan as project architect, Catalyst for civil engineering; EMC, structural engineering; ICT, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering; SRMC, security consultants; and EDGE, landscape design.

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      Originally this was planned for 301 James Robertson Pkwy. as part of Tony Giarratana's deal the 65 story/660'-750' Paramount Tower at Church Street Park. Tony agreed to develop this to include some workforce housing in exchange for the park space on Church between 6th Ave. North and Capitol Blvd. 

      Original story from a year ago:


      More detail behind the paywall at Nashville Post:


      Also, more behind the paywall at NBJ:


      These were the renderings fro the James Robertson Parkway iteration:

      This screen shote from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

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