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Relationship and Human Design


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On 6/24/2020 at 10:38 AM, preylawn said:

What you do for a perfect relationship? I failed so many times in my life and now I decide to do a human design course. But I don't hear before about it and I don't have any idea.

And what about the house design? If you are so involved in the process of great relationships creation, will you work on your home design in the same way? Do you use tools like https://planner5d.com/use/home-design-software/ to make sure you get the best for you direction? or may be personal designer's assistance to work on this?

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I think to have a good relationship it is always working two people on that.   And I usually find a date on this website. It very helps to save my time. So I would definitely recommend registering on the dating site and I am sure you will find the right person for yourself. And can build together good relationship.

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I haven't heard anything about it either.  I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect relationship. It's all subjective and everyone deals with it differently. Relationships need to be constantly worked on and developed together with a partner. No need to constantly ask the same question: Does he love me? This will only harm your relationship and lead to depression. Trust your partner, treat him with respect and then there will be no problems.

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It all depends on what you like. I really also don't like being lazy and independent. That's why I prefer to search for relationships online. However, now I am not looking for a permanent relationship. It is more interesting for me to meet new girls and have a good time with them. To do this, I use this dating site https://wizzlove.com/reviews/xmeeting-review Here you can easily find unleashed and free to quarrel girls with whom you can have fun.

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