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12 hours ago, KJHburg said:

Centene will break ground on their office campus in August after closing on their land in the University Research Park.  First phase 770,000 sq ft building and 2400 space parking garage.  Claycorp is the general contractor.  This would be 2nd largest building underway in Charlotte after the Duke Metro tower uptown.  Close on 80 acres and have another 50 under contract! 



Claycorp huh? guess I'm building this thing myself

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5:30pm today

They're also building this bad boy in STL by Studio Gang... 

Centene will be moving the HQ to Charlotte. Announcement will be made with in the next month or two. Source is from St. Louis Regional Chamber

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Looks like Centene is under federal investigation for double billing Ohio state medicaid for CVS Health.

Searching via Google shows a troubled past for this company paying millions of fines in different states.

And we  (NC taxpayers) give ~$400 million in incentives to Centene.    



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The RailYard is fully occupied office wise and has been for a while so maybe this something they mentioned at first.  I did notice that too SC offered a whole lot and I was not impressed with Southbridge compared to University Research park which is much nicer and has more natural buffers.  

Here is a breakdown on the jobs from the above referenced article.

""JDIG grant payments begin in 2023, when Centene expects to significantly ramp up hiring in Charlotte. A breakdown of the 3,237 jobs expected for the Charlotte hub include: 1,094 in IT, 1,074 in operations, 372 in finance/accounting, 177 in human resources, 147 in audit/compliance, 98 in medical management and operations, 92 in behavioral health, 72 in network development, 68 in risk and quality, and 43 in marketing.""

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Centene now owns 130+ acres in the University Research park in NE Charlotte.  the Electrolux property is across the street.  This is going to be a lot more jobs than 3200 jobs for sure.

""St. Louis-based Centene already closed on the 80.7-acre property at 2405 Governor Hunt Road on July 10, paying $10 million. The undeveloped land is where the company will build the first phases of its campus, which at full buildout could accommodate 6,000-plus employees.  On July 31, Centene also purchased another 51.2 acres on land formerly owned by Electrolux, according to Mecklenburg County real estate records. Centene paid $9 million for the additional land, which includes a 34.8-acre site at 2200 One Electrolux Way and 17 acres at 10200 Claude Freeman Drive.  The company has committed to bringing at least 3,200 jobs to Charlotte over the next decade. Centene began developing the first phase of its campus, which will include a 770,000-square-foot office building and a 2,400-space parking garage, earlier this month.  The acquisitions bring Centene's holdings in University Research Park to more than 130 acres.""



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1 hour ago, cltbwimob said:


Looks like Centene is halting further development of their St Louis area HQ campus.  Just speculation, but I think there is a strong possibility that Centene moves its HQ here in the not too distant future.  

I wonder if they go for more buildings in this campus or satellites in uptown or southend. They have already looked at satellite locations in southend, and they have a history of some urban projects in STL.  

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      On the subject of economic development - particularly in Michigan's urban centers - the state's biggest research universities (Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University) published their 10th economic impact report that illustrates the power our own nationally-ranked research cluster has on the state. From the press release:

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      From now on I will put any new jobs in this category if this is okay with the powers to be. 
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      I'd love to see this happen but I'll believe it when I see it.
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