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NC Music Factory / Uptown Village / Deco One


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I also saw that they were wanting to create pedestrian access to Gateway Village via an extension of a greenway

that would probably be the irwin creek greenway past Ray's Splash Planet and Irwin Elementary. They'd probably justify it in that area as it is right next 77, and doesn't have as famous or prominent of figures buried on the west side of the cemetary.

there is also already a walking path for most of the width of the cemetary in that area.


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When do they expect everything to be finished, and when will they have better access to get to NC music factory. I went back there today and got confused and lost. Are they really going to build a new street or do anybody think it will get rejected. This looks like it will be a GREAT project, if they get better streets. :)

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I think the main issue with this project is that Charlotte has tried for years to promote center city as an entertainment district/destination and it finally seems to have taken hold. I go downtown now and can't find a place to park and see people everywhere. This, to me, is a good thing and is why I am moving from Dilworth to all the way in.

Trying to now take that entertainment momentum, and somewhat limited number of patrons, and move it to this location will be a very difficult battle. I think some of the proposed venues will have good draw on certain nights, sustaining that to make a business viable will be a different story.

The other issue of how to access the property/project is another. I think it would be an awesome site for a true underground party scene (like I used to like in earlier days!) but it is far from underground and seems to be heading, at least as I have seen proposed, a little too "theme-y". Not much of a grassroots or natural progression, a little corporate.

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It's in this weeks business journal. Lazes announced 120 condos adjacent to the NC Music Factory.....these are the renderings for the condo project. They are supposed to be priced fairly reasonably. $200-$225 per square foot.

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How will the NC music factory be incoporated into Uptown... Basically what I'm saying is If I am uptown on Tryon or College... How will the walk be to the NC Music Factory? Will it be inviting for someone to leave the Epicenter and walk to the NC Music Factory while having a "night out on the town"? ( in the future)

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