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Greensboro's population breaking 300,000 residents.

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Looks like Greensboro's population will quietly break the 300,000 mark if it hasn't already. And just in time for the 2020 census. Earlier this year Greensboro's population was 299,946. I'm sure 54 mo

Greensboro came up 65 people short in the official US Census in reaching 300,000 however due to the pandemic and no door to door canvassing I think Greensboro has more than 300,000 April 1 2020 and un

Greensboro will be adding additional residents with this $75 million dollar residential expansion https://rebusinessonline.com/lcs-development-begins-construction-of-75m-seniors-housing-expansion

That's good news! Glad to see G'boro passing that milestone, definitely agree that it's something worth celebrating. 

That being said, it's not that helpful to compare a sunbelt city with a heritage city like Cincy. Technically, Cincy and G'boro have about the same population, but Cincy anchors an MSA of 2.1 Million and the G'boro - High Point MSA is about 1/3 of that. Nobody who visited the two downtowns would think the cities were the same size. 

That's true of every NC city, though. Charlotte technically has more people than Boston, but in reality Boston has more like 2.5 x as many people. 

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On 8/18/2021 at 8:43 AM, KJHburg said:

Greensboro came up 65 people short in the official US Census in reaching 300,000 however due to the pandemic and no door to door canvassing I think Greensboro has more than 300,000 April 1 2020 and undoubtedly more now. 

This community and the fact is being annex will propel Gboro way over 300K.

""A Triad residential developer that lost two high-profile zoning fights in the past year has gained approval of zoning changes that will allow it to go ahead with up to 1,400 homes off McConnell Road in eastern Guilford County.  Greensboro City Council voted 8-0 to approve zoning changes to City PUD and City LI and annexation for 384 acres along McConnell, Village Road and Andrews Farm Road where Diamondback Investment Group plans to develop the large community.  Terry Gauldin, Micki Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart LLC, William Kageorge, and Rebecca Kageorge requested annexation and zoning for the property identified as 5144-ZZ, 5119, 5121, 5164, and 5200 McConnell Road, 1360 Village Road, and 1801 Andrews Farm Road. The property was described as north and south of McConnell and east of Andrews Farm.""

Greensboro OK zoning for Diamondback community of up to 1,400 homes, plus two other housing projects - Triad Business Journal (bizjournals.com)

Another milestone. Greensboro gained almost 100,000 people in 20 years. I remember when Greensboro topped 200,000. Now the city quietly tops 300,000. Hopefully the city will begin to grow faster so we won't have to wait 20 years to see 400,000. I'm sure by 2040 Raleigh will have close to or over a million people and Charlotte will surpass a million well before then. But lol they could have found 65 people from under a rock to get to 300,000 people for the 2020 census. Greensboro is known for growing its population numbers before a census. Between 1999 and 2000 Greensboro grew from 198,000 to 223,000. (Clearly through annexation) The city has tried to keep Winston-Salem at bay but I don't think Greensboro will hold off Durham. Before the next census there is a realistic chance Durham could dethrone Greensboro from being 3rd largest city, a position Greensboro has held for decades.

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