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CLT *Used* To Feature Beautiful Lighting


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This truly is a pet peeve of mine:  the integrated 5G/streetlamp fixtures that the City is ALLOWING are the ugliest things that I have ever seen!

CLT spends *so* much time and money to make the area an attractive place, with handsome facades; roadside plants and beautiful flower beds within medians.  Why are they permitting these FUGLY things?

If the City is going to permit 5G to be installed, why cant they require the freestanding nodes model that's employed on Rea Road?  The freestanding units are handsome enough.  I wish that the City would do something to GET RID of these HIDEOUS fixtures.  So much money, time, and effort, is made to make CLT the beautiful City that she is, only to her efforts mitigated by ugly lighting fixtures.

Borrowed off of the Ballantyne thread:




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1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

I am not a fan of the 5G poles either.  

I am glad that I am not alone

Again...the stand alone poles are handsome even, so this isn't a case where there's no workaround.

Perhaps this is a pet peeve of mine as I grew up in NY, and in the 70's-80's, many areas within NY gave very little attention to their infrastructure.

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1 hour ago, TheOneRJ said:

The three different variations of street lights throughout Uptown bothers me more than this. 

Agreed, I wish we would have a more uniform look.( especially with pedestrian lighting)  It may not have to be citywide but at least by neighborhoods. In  NoDa and Southend alone I see so many different styles. 

I like the first one for Noda (but would be cool to have it in different colors) second is southend.  And finally, we need more LED lighting, Duke is taking their sweet time converting the lights.


open traditional led.png

open deluxe acorn led.png

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One of the universal constants is change is always bad when you aren't the one causing it to happen.


This is a right of passage for new infrastructure. Go back to the 50s when street lamps were first introduced and people ranted about how ugly they were and how the light would ruin neighborhoods, and how could anyone ever sleep with so much light, etc.



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