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Is this just a coincidence? Or is this site based out of or developed by people from the area? I was browsing through the other regions and it seems Orlando is by far the most active thread on this website. Why are we the most active? Is there another forum that everyone else uses and we don’t? I know skyscraper city is a thing. I just thought it was interesting how active Orlando is compared to other cities on here. Even other FL cities barely get any posts. 

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On UP, I think Charlotte and Nashville are the most active forums.

As to how certain cities pick one site over the other, it seems to be habit . Tampa and Miami have preferred SSC for the 14 years I’v been posting. Jax was also SSC until there was a fallout between administrators and key posters. They left and started their own site which has evolved into The Jaxson.

I much prefer UP - Neo’s interface is much better and easier to use, imho.

 @HankStrong tried to crank up interest in SSC’s Orlando room to no avail and it hasn’t helped that about the only person posting over there is a former UP’er who was sent packing a while ago (for good reason) and who only posts how awful Orlando is.

Perhaps best of all, in our humble little forum we have folks who are not only smart but also passionate about The City Beautiful. I’ve learned a lot.

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