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Is CLT Like Queens (NYC), When It Comes To Nightlife?


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Mine might seem like a stupid question, but I am no longer in my 20s-30s; I very seldom, if ever, venture in and around Uptown CLT.

I first became familiar with the CLT region in 2008, and at the time, it reminded me a lot of Queens.  What do I mean?  Outside of a few districts, Queens is (was) often regarded as a "place with density; an area that - outside of a couple of distinct districts - it's a place that lacks distinction and, to a lesser extent, cohesion.   There are parts, for example, that have generic mid rise apartment buildings, but the complaint most often heard about Queens - sans a handful of districts like Bell Blvd - is that the borough is a place "where there's nowhere to hang."  In other words, it's kinda boring.

When I first became familiar with the Downtown CLT area in 2008, much of it reminded me of Queens:  handsome, but there are swaths of development, with "nowhere to hang."

I can visit in and around CLT, but my experience is nothing like the experience of someone who *lives* in South End, Uptown, etc.;  do you feel that there's sufficient cohesion?  That the CLT area as a whole - and I am not talking about compact and trendy areas like NODA - has a genuine and satisfying nightlife scene?

What brought my question about?  Thanks to y'all, I have been keeping track of development in and around South End, and much of it's impressive.  But I wonder what life is like;  there are a handful of non descript mid density apartment buildings, and then you have mid density commercial buildings, that encorporate little retail/nightlife.

So...what say you?

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