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StreetLights Apt. Tower (30 stories? 360 units), 10th Ave. North across from Amazon Towers


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I'm from Houston too and schools there may be worse than ever, just like in the rest of the country, but schools there are not worse than in Houston, trust me and have a look at our built environment. What you have there is a seeming aversion to tall buildings, among the neighbors, in the general populace, and codified in the zoning (the latter of which doesn't exist here). I hope the developers of that Murphy road project read this, they should look at how the developer of the Ashby highrise in Houston handled neighborhood opposition. Just put up a dreary fence, let it sit there a year, growing weeds on it, protest the valuation because of reduced value from the delays, and let the opposition wither on the vine, and funding for a lawsuit dry up. More floors on a project equals more tax revenue for those schools. Fewer floors because of mob behavior is a taking of assets by the mob. And it's amazing that the liberal populace of Nashville does not get that more vertical space outside the CBD translates into less commute time for workers, thus less fuel burn and less global warming, such being at the top of liberal concerns otherwise, but not on this topic seemingly.

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