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111 North First Street (1,425 residential units, 640 hotel rooms, 1 million sq. ft. office, 135,000 sq. ft. retail; numerous 15-30 story towers on 17 acres)

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This sort of goes back to the rumors that the TA site was for sale, but in fact it never was , but was going to be redeveloped. This company has a few other urban sites they are planning on redevelopi

Reading through the staff report from the 11/12 planning meeting, a preliminary traffic study was submitted with the SP. The traffic study took the following program into account for the development:

RMR Group out of Massachusetts is planning a massive mixed-use project at 111 North 1st Street on the East Bank on the 16.72 acres that currently houses the TravelCenters of America (TA) Truck Stop. I

Posted Images

I've been so eager for that first domino to fall on the East Bank to really transform this area from its current industrial state, and whether it's this development or River North, I think we finally have a couple of good candidates for that now. It's exciting

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6 hours ago, markhollin said:

This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

111 North 1st St, Sept 30, 2020, site map.png

This is where I wanted NashvilleSC's MLS stadium to go (and still holding out hope). If I were in charge of the Nashville Stars, I would be talking to RMR as soon as possible. 

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Just now, smeagolsfree said:

Not going to happen as they have started moving dirt at the Fairgrounds and this company would want more than Ingram could afford to pay. Now Adam Portnoy (CEO of RMR) could always become an investor, but I think they have their minds set on a 3 million sq. ft. mixed used project.

I do think this will open up other sites on the East Bank for development sooner rather than later and further south than River North.

Hopefully those horrible motels/gas stations along Jefferson/Spring Street are the next to go. Oh, and a full bulldoze of Stadium Inn(which is still an empty shell of a building). 

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You need to take a drive into the Nations and see how close those developments are to the gas storage tanks those developments are. It does not seem to stop anyone from moving right next to them.

Seems as if Natural Gas lines and storage facilities have caused more issues than gasoline facilities from what I can remember from seeing news over the years. Now refineries are a different story!

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4 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

You need to take a drive into the Nations and see how close those developments are to the gas storage tanks those developments are. It does not seem to stop anyone from moving right next to them.

Seems as if Natural Gas lines and storage facilities have caused more issues than gasoline facilities from what I can remember from seeing news over the years. Now refineries are a different story!

Man, I would love to live near a refinery.  Always something interesting to look at in those places.  And I love those flames constantly burning at the top... very Blade Runner.

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^ ^ ^ There will be many dominoes starting to fall once a first move is made.  Plenty of land in that sector has been bought up by developers in the last several years, including the acre directly east just today at 104 South 2nd St. (see the East Nashville thread for details).  I suspect that the Woodland/Main corridor from the river to the freeway will look very different in 5 years.

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34 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

Everything on the East Bank is in a flood zone. I cant remember how far the water went but I know the Titans stadium had issues. I will take a look at the photos from the flood.

According to the Tennessean, Metro had 4 million dollars in flood related expenses at then LP Field. Photo from their online website. (5-3-2010)


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    • By markhollin
      An 11 story, 136' tall boutique hotel that would include 112 rooms, an "electric gastro pub," a subterranean upscale restaurant/wine cellar, 32,000 sq. ft. fitness facility, 7,000 sq. ft. spa, a boutique performance venue,  screening and writing rooms, rooftop pool/lounge, and more will be located at 10 11th Ave. South, backing up against the CSX tracks at the T intersection of 11th and McGavock St.  Price tag will be $70 million.

      The developer is Chris Hyndman of M Street Entertainment.  Ground breaking will be 4th quarter of this year, and a summer 2020 completion is the goal. Currently the lot is utilized for surface parking. 

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:

      NBJ's take:


    • By markhollin
      The Purpose Hotel, a brainchild of Nashville-based celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart, seems to be moving forward.  A rendering has been released of a 17 story tower that would, according to a 2016 article, feature 200-300 rooms with an $80 to 150 million price tag.  A still undisclosed site for the boutique hotel in downtown Nashville has been chosen, and will be announced soon.
      Coward has enlisted Atlanta-based WP Hospitality Group to manage the development, and Hastings Architecture is on board as the designer. 
      Some of the unique aspects of the hotel will be that every room booking will help support a different needy child in the developing world through a sponsorship agency.  Info on each child will be featured in each room. Linens will be sewn by survivors of human trafficking. Art throughout the hotel will feature humanitarian artists. Ethnically sourced coffee in each room. Furniture created by people in need. Internet fees fight human trafficking. Inspiring social films will be featured on some TV channels in each room, as well as curated books with themes about compassion and justice. Soaps and shampoos handmade by women survivors of addiction, violence, and extreme poverty. The lobby will feature a working well for guests to experience sustainable water work.

      Cowart initially launched the concept via a Kickstarter campaign, and raised nearly a million dollars to help fund designs, etc. 

      More at The Nashville Post here:


      Hotel website:

      Kickstarter campaign site:


      Original Tennessean article from 2016:


    • By markhollin
      Nashville-based developer C.B. Ragland Co. has submitted plans to Metro regarding a hotel tower proposed for the SoBro site across Second Avenue to the west from its 222 2nd Ave. South Tower.
      The proposed structure will rise at least 20 stories and is expected to offer a minimum of 250 rooms. No renderings available yet.
      The team will go before the Metro Development and Housing Agency Design Review Committee on Tuesday, Nov. 7, to seek approval of the concept.
      The tower — which could sit on an L-shaped parking podium — would rise on the 0.5-acre site of the building last home to The Listening Room.
      Discussions are being held with Hyatt properties.

      Both of these stories are currently behind paywalls:



      The site is at lower center of this small photo:

      The property is the oddly shaped teal lot in the center of this screen shot from Smealoglsfree's excellent Development Map:

      This is the current 1 story structure of no historic significance sitting on the lot.  It housed the Listening Room Club for the past decade or so. That enterprise has relocated to 4th Ave. South and Elm St.

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