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Rebuilding Second Avenue


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1 minute ago, titanhog said:

So…how many structures are going to have to completely be torn down?  That’s the part that’s going to put a lump in my throat.

Minimum of 2 I’d say, based on pictures. Disclaimer, I am not a structural engineer. 

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I’d hope some level of improvement will happen to the AT&T side of Second. Perhaps a minimal sidewalk is left with terraced landscaping against the building to provide added protection. Maybe a better effort to create fake storefronts at street level, though that is not my first choice. I’d like the facility moved and the site redeveloped. I just don’t think it will happen. 

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This was mentioned on the Bits & Pieces thread and I tend to agree that this may be the end of vehicular traffic on 2nd Ave. as part of the reinvention process. I can see this area as a new park/plaza. The real problem is if you close traffic off how do you reroute traffic from Commerce.

 Do you extend the plaza to part of Commerce too and force traffic to turn right of left onto Third. I will say that business owners will be dead set against this idea, but it may be necessary because of AT&T..

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Status update from AT&T today:

AT&T is waiving domestic, long-distance voice, and data overage charges through the holiday season for affected customers in 1166 zip codes across states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois and Missouri from December 25 to January 1

In general, it sounds like all structural damage is repairable. It's just going to take time. Lots of equipment and manpower is on-site or standby in case anything happens


**to answer an earlier question regarding timeline: services went offline when the batteries were drained after the generators stopped. After the explosion, the commercial power feeds to the building were damaged and went offline. This is an immediate fail over condition to battery (yes, for all equipment in the building). The generators will take <1 minute to come online and provide power.  The generators went offline after the natural gas was cut off, then the batteries were drained, and then everything lost power

In addition, the cooling plant was completely destroyed and with fire sprinklers, etc filling the building with water, fire is guaranteed - not "if", but "when" will it catch fire

Although service stayed online for a while, the Titanic had hit an iceburg

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