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Rebuilding Second Avenue

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An interesting little mention in this Tennesseean article about the city wanting to possibly close down 1st Avenue parts of the day to allow pedestrians to meander around riverfront businesses (which

Yay!  And again, I say Yay!   Metro Historic Zoning Commission members unanimously approved initial design plans for redevelopment of the area hardest-hit by the Christmas Day bombing. On Tu

From the online Tennessean...  https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/davidson/2021/09/23/new-second-ave-redevelopment-renderings-seek-keep-historic-character/5826289001/ This is cool!

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5 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

From the online Tennessean...  https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/davidson/2021/09/23/new-second-ave-redevelopment-renderings-seek-keep-historic-character/5826289001/


This is cool!  The view from First Avenue.  This could really spark a renewal along Second Avenue. 

A rendering of a portion of First Avenue in downtown Nashville.

The proposal includes new buildings in the easements along the historical block that could be as tall as six stories, along with rooftop amenity decks. The owners also aim to reconstruct the original brick building facades using materials salvaged from the rubble. 

The plans would create a "pedestrian mall" in the middle of the four-building group by removing the former building at 172 Second Ave, much of which was leveled by the explosion.

Project architect David Johnston of STG Design debuted the proposal and new renderings at the Metro Planning Commission meeting Thursday. 

Nice plan. Hope none of our tax dollars are used for this. I've been asking for a traffic light close to my neighborhood for almost two years and absolutely no response from my representative or Pubics Works. I guess I need to move downtown to reap so of the benefits of paying taxes. 

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5 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

I wish @titanhogwould weigh in here and expound on her ideas for First Avenue al fresco dining/bars She was one of the first who mentioned that potential. 

I would love it if First Avenue were activated in this way. Let's not waste that river view!

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8 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

We are not worthy of your presence! All hail the Queen and welcome back. My apologies for anything said and will try my best to keep my trap shut.


I like that name!  @titanhog, Queen of the (Urban) Planet.

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I’m wishing that they will take the idea from Titanhog , and line 1st avenue with outdoor cafe’s and such. She hit the nail on the head with that one! 

Agreed. Otherwise what is the point of the little cut through to first avenue. There is. I thing over there to see or do. Might as well make that a store front.

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