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Quality of LIfe in SC


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This can be a thread for all relevant discussion. I think most here would agree that the quality of life in SC is fairly good and has improved over the past couple of decades, though of course it has plenty of places that it could improve upon. What are your thoughts?

To start it off, (and the impetus for the thread), here's an article I ran across the other day.



I actually thought about this a little differently. I think of SC as a very good state to raise a family, with attributes like less crowding, less gangs, less violence (than a lot of bigger states and big cities), good weather, good outdoor opportunities, family friendly, feeling of safety, etc . Obviously, some parents and kids don't feel that way, or have a different experience but I have had lots of conversations with people and families, both from here (who think so) and who have moved here because of it being an overall kid friendly/family friendly state. Again, there is certainly room for improvement, but I think this goes to show that many times these rankings based on numerical statistics often don't line up with real world experience.  And many of the reasons they give for the low ranking are factors that exist in every state, and have similar effects on families/kids regardless of which state they live in; though the effects are worse in some states than others. I am happy to raise a family here and think it is a much better place to raise a family than many states out there. Of course there a political considerations as well but nevertheless...

And this thread can be for any conversation or information about QOL, not just this specific topic.


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During my past retail employment (guess where :whistling:).... I met many folks from various areas of US who permanently moved to GSP vicinity due to quality of life & good place to raise a family.   Most all had done extensive research...made a visit and concluded this area was far superior than where they were living....they were pleased they made the change.  You'd  be surprised how many folks are moving here from Calif. & NY....can't blame them.   Life is good here...it's not perfect but probably much better than many areas of US.   

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On 11/7/2021 at 9:07 AM, rancenc said:

City of Aiken looking at ways to improve the downtown area of the city!


I don't know much about Aiken - but it feels like this is a bad idea if their plan is to tear down these historic buildings to build a parking deck and a conference center. I could be convinced otherwise if there is more info on why they think this is a good idea.

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