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I'm sorry, and don't mean to sound like some kind of authority- I'm not- but i'd rank them as a 2 to 5. Perhaps, the architects there could integrate some old-style building styles and keep the people on the streets. Check out the Guardian Building in Detroit for an example of a work of art. I'm obviously partial to Detroit, but could cite other buildings in other cities as well.

Look to Atlanta as well as an example of a southern city with style.

Just my opinion, I've had bad experiences there and the "local" folks told me to stay off the streets during a conference. I'd like to see more indeed. What do you think? Do you think the buildings are significant or are they just buildings that suit the era and growth of the city without any relation to how long they will last? Seems to me, we had to walk "above" the streets to get anywhere. I know, we didn't venture too far but as someone who notices cityscapes, I just couldn't say it is anywhere in any top 10 list.

By local, I mean the people I talked with only. By significant, I mean, will these buildings be around in 100 years and do they do anything for the community as far as asthetics?

May your city prosper indeed

With respect, DetroitBazaar

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