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GVL 2040 Comprehensive Plan (City of Greenville)


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The City of Greenville is preparing to vote on adoption of an updated comprehensive plan called, GVL 2040.  The plan was developed during 18 months of inquiry, discussion, and debate, involving its leaders, citizens, and professional consultants.


The City plans to focus on three primary objectives affecting quality of life in the next 20 years, including;

Preservation of green space for parks and environmental sustainability,

Increasing the minimum amount of new income-restricted housing to 10% (up from 8.5%), and,

Development of higher density "nodes" along major corridors in various parts of the city while encouraging better connectivity via alternative modes of transportation (walking, cycling, and public transit).

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55 minutes ago, hauntedheadnc said:

Sounds great, but the problem is that 90% of what people think of as "Greenville" isn't in the city limits.  Although, the weensie little fragment of "Greenville" that actually is inside the city limits certainly will look lovely while the rest of the region sprawls hell for leather.  

Annexation seriously needs to be adjusted in this state. Greenville is doing a good job with infilling population and trying to annex what they can around it that isn't developed. The issue is there isn't much around the outskirts of the city that isn't developed and they have to agree to be annexed under this archaic law.

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