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New Bern Ave Corridor


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Drove down New Bern Ave to see what possibilities exist for higher densit once the BusRapidTransit is complete.  Lots of potential for sure.   The city of Raleigh should get the state to sell the DMV property for a low price and build affordable housing and a mixed use complex there.  

and I saw a sign right before 440 that said this way to I-495 which NCDOT needs to remove as that is now I-87!  again that sign is not pictured but I saw it. 









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Could the Tower Shopping Center site boast a tower up to 20 stories in the future?  Maybe if this rezoning takes place.   The city should rezone this up to 20 and see what happens especially since it is on their new BRT line. 


A Raleigh developer is in the beginning stages of design and planning for a major mixed-use development along New Bern Avenue just outside the Beltline.  Atlas Stark owns seven parcels totaling almost 23 acres and plans to develop multifamily housing, offices, retail, restaurants and hospitality as growth comes to the key corridor, according to Managing Partner Gabriel Guillois.  Atlas Stark wants to rezone the lots from a 3-story height limit to a 20-story limit. The area is currently a shopping center with an inn, restaurants and surface parking lots. The company acquired the property, known as Tower Shopping Center, for $5.8 million in early 2021.  “The biggest thing there, with the city making the investment in the BRT (bus rapid transit), and investment they’re going to make in New Bern Avenue. Obviously we like the location on a major intersection on the Beltline,” Guillois said.""


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this is could be a great new redevelopment in the future along the new BRT line. 

From the Biz Journal:

""The City of Raleigh will spend major dollars to buy the former headquarters for the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

The North Council of State on Tuesday approved the sale of the property on New Bern Avenue following the city's $20 million bid for the site, which totals about six acres between State and Tarboro streets.

The city will likely seek a development partner to revitalize the property, which sits along the future Bus Rapid Transit Line. No doubt affordable housing will be a key part of any new development.

"We want to be creative. We want to be thoughtful and we want the community to have a say," Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin told Axios. "And I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but it could be one of the most transformational projects we do as a city."

The state moved the DMV headquarters to Rocky Mount in 2020.""


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