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North Edgehill Gardens (8 & 6 stories), 550 residential units, 200 hotel rooms, 390,000 sq. ft. office space, 15,000 sq. ft. retail/restaurant space, 6.8 acres, Beaman Motors Hawkins St. site


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Fwiw, my two cents. Nashville is a city, a good size one and growing at a good clip. Traffic, noise and TALL buildings are what comes with in a city. If these things bother you, then maybe it’s the suburbs you need to live in. 
Just like the old saying “ if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the fire” . I can never understand people complaining about such things, when they live in a city. Growth is to be expected.

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IMO, Nashville Next never was. It was a mis-thought brainchild of Carl Dean, the instigator of the Amp that really got Nashville and the State off on the wrong foot.

Nashville Next was probably a good idea, but would be completely different now if they did it again as you have a whole new set of people involved.

Does anyone know if NN is binding? I don’t think Council ever voted on it as far a Metro guideline.

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Looking at the plan now is almost a joke. It was adopted but planning and here is one sentence that is a joke.

By 2040, projections say Nashville will welcome 200,000 more people and over 300,000 more jobs. I think that is understated.

Here is the plan which I  think is already outdated.


If you guys want to discuss the NN plan we can start a new thread and take it there, otherwise we will get back on the project.

I think it is a slippery slope with the added height tied to a lease being obtained. We will see how it stands up to scrutiny, but its sort of a CBA.

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1 hour ago, smeagolsfree said:

It past with these stipulations 

8 stories if no grocery store or urban retailer  is not found Bldgs A & B 
9 stories if grocery stores lease is found bldgs A & B
18,000 sq ft  or better at 12th & Hawkins (bldg E) retailer must go in this building.
All parking under ground
Vote 1 no vote


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    • By markhollin
      The 3.9 acre block at 825 6th Ave. South is under contract to be sold by Green & Little Real Estate for an undisclosed price to an unknown developer.  A water/sewer application shows 715 residential units (365 one bedroom, 326 two bedroom, and 24 three bedroom). 

      Dependent on layout (and there is plenty of land on the site a couple of towers could be anywhere from 20 to 30 stories when you factor-in parking garages. There is no mention of retail, commercial, office, or hotel on the application....just residential.   

      Several things to consider:

      1) If it is just a couple of structures, there could be a large amount of landscaped leisure area as an amenity for the residents.

      2) Perhaps this is only Phase I of a project that could include retail, office, hotel, etc. in Phase II.

      3) Maybe this will be more spread out with half a dozen 10 story structures.

      Conjecture is that the sale price for the land on the low end would be at least $25 million.  It was last purchased in 1993 for $1.2 million. 

      5 years ago Smithfield Properties out of Chicago proposed a 4 tower mixed-use project (with one being 40 stories)  for the site, but it fizzled out. 

      Kimley-Horn is listed as the civil engineer on the application.  No renderings or diagrams available yet.

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

    • By markhollin
      A 15 story, 345 unit residential tower with 2 retail slots on the ground floor is being planned for 1805 Church St. (SE corner of Church and 19th Ave. North) by Ascend Real Estate Group out of Chicago.  Smith Gee will be the architect.  Kimley-Horn is involved with engineering. The team will go before the Board of Zoning Appeals on Sept. 2 to request a special exception related to height and setback considerations.  

      Ascend will need to acquire the properties with addresses of 1815 Church St. (Advance Financial) and 120 19th Ave. N. (Royal Thai) from an LLC affiliated with Nashville-based Jarman Development Group. That entity paid $3.2 million for the properties in May.

      No renderings yet, but a basic footprint diagram is shown below.

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

      This is one of the structures currently on the site:

    • By markhollin
      McGavock Street Partners will go before Metro Planning Commission on Dec. 14, 2017 to request height modification for a 21 story boutique hotel (no brand yet), that would have 470 rooms as well as a 200 seat entertainment venue.

      The location would be the NW corner of McGavock Street and 13th Ave. South (the frontage road along I-40/65 on the west side of downtown). Originally this was going to be a Staybridge Suites. The address is 1212-1218 McGavock St., and sits just south of the former Deja Vu site, which is now being considered for a 3 tower Endeavor project.
      The modernist design, by Manuel Zeitlin Architects, shown below, could help the developers gain the extra 5 stories (base allowed for that area is 10, plus bonus height of 6 more for parking/LEED allowances) due to an "exceptional design" clause that Metro has in it's codes.


      Looking NW from above I-40/65, with 13th Ave. South in foreground and McGavock Street on right. The Firestone store facing Broadway is the low-lying 1 story building on the left.

      The location  (teal square in center) on a screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent Nashville Development Map:

      The current vacant lot looking north from corner of McGavock and 13th Ave. South:

      Looking south along 13th Ave. South.  That is the Eakin 1210 Demonbruen tower in background: 

      Looking SW from back of lot across 13th Ave South and I-40/65:

    • By markhollin
      A large scale project listing "300 units" (not sure if residential or hotel) is being planned by an unknown developer for 810 Division St, according to water/sewer availability permits.  The site is currently owned by  RJ Young and has a 1 story nondescript/non-historical structure on the approx. 1.7 acre plot which sits just west of Party Fowl Restaurant.  No further designs or details yet.

      Based on the size of the lot and other similar sized residential/hotel structure in that area, this will probably be a 10-12 story project.

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map show the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:


    • By markhollin
      The Lord & Liberty Hotel at 627 2nd Ave. South has released images and diagrams for the repurposing of the 1895-era Geddes Engine Company # 6 Fire House and a new 9 story addition that will be 115 feet tall. From the diagrams, it appears there will be about 80 rooms, along with a restaurant, bar, and meeting rooms.

      L & L Nashville LLC is the developer and other involved are Blur Workshop (architecture), Hawkins Partners (landscape architecture), Thomas & Hutton (engineering). They will go before  Metro Planning Commission's Downtown Code design review committee on Sept 10th to request modifications to zoning for the project that limits that neighborhood to 6 stories. 

      More at Nashville Post here:


      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

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