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Ron…on River North…you say “this vision is toast”.  Are you saying that render is toast…or that Oracle is toast?

The rendering.:tw_grin:


Thanks BNA,

I can keep most of it on my head, but I still have to go back and look because the list is so big now. This list took a lot more work than Huntsville, even though I had most of the info.


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24 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

This is the last time I do one of these list, as it is obviously not appreciated on the board by the majority of folks here. The time and effort involved in this is not worth it any longer.


If you guys want another list of this type, someone else will have to do it. 

What's happened?

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4 minutes ago, Ramrod said:

Ron, I would also like to say Thank You for all the hard work you did to put this together. I have never meet you or been to one of the monthly meetings. I do however visit this site multiple times during the day. The amount of work that you and the other major contributors do to keep us informed is not taken lightly by me and most all the people that live for the latest updates and better yet the latest find of a new project. I am personally waiting for that announcement of a new tallest and would love to see Signature tower back on the list and under construction. Come on Tony, we need this! Thanks again!


Welcome to the forum, Ramrod!  Thanks for the kind words, and feel free to contribute more often.  : )

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