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800 Lea , 45 stories, 610', 120 (?) condos, 60 capacity underground garage)


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12 minutes ago, NashRugger said:

I may get picked at for this, but unless this thing has a killer lighting scheme or something, our new 2nd tallest is a bland box from one entire elevation, from the west. 

I’m definitely worried about the West/North elevations. At least the west elevation is shaped differently. I wish he’d buy the homeless shelter behind this and build something a little more interesting at those elevations. 

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1 hour ago, smeagolsfree said:

Cool, I deleted my post because I didnt see you on. No word on unit count as of now. He is only required a minimal number of parking spaces as most will be valet. A great way to end the week.

Mark you can go ahead and post the rendering of the other thing too as that has been announced. 

I managed to get this on the map too.



Huh?!  Sharing the Magic 8 ball?  What thing? 

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2 hours ago, markhollin said:

Currently it is Diersen Charities who own the surface lot and 2 story building.  I'm sure Tony has made a serious push to  buy from them so he could design a much fuller structure, but they must be playing hard ball.

Should they eventually sell to Tony, he could perhaps design a "twin" of sorts to back up against 800 Lea.  If they sell to someone else, who knows what would end up there.

I thought Tony had the option on that land , but in the long run this design is much more dramatic without the land, but something else could be built there.

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36 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

I thought Tony had the option on that land , but in the long run this design is much more dramatic without the land, but something else could be built there.

I can’t imagine Tony building a 610’ building with the west side just being a huge concrete wall.  If he does, then it’s because he knows something equally as tall is gong to butt up against it.

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35 minutes ago, Bos2Nash said:

To me the building would be much more impressive if Tony had gone for some Air Rights over the green portion along the side of the roundabout and built closer to the road (not sure if this is possible with the radii of the roundabout, but would be cool!). I am VERY thankful they didnt try to integrate a curb cut to the roundabout though. That would've been soooo bad lol

The reason the sidewalk is set back from the roundabout on the west side is that it saves room for a bypass lane for 8th Avenue. (Not that it wouldn't be cool for the tower to overhang the lane.) The traffic analysis for the roundabout indicated that a bypass lane would eventually be needed but whether it ever gets constructed is unclear. The areas needed for tie-ins on the north/south edges have already been taken up by development.

43 minutes ago, Bos2Nash said:

That being said, this wall will most likely be a blank wall because any future development would block it entirely (very similar to the Embassy suites wall that faces Broadway). It'll be unfortunate, but that is the game of development.

The southernmost west-facing wall could have more windows as it fronts the alley space (though not with the best views in the unlikely event the Diersen Charities lot eventually includes a 600'+ tower). It seems the main elevator bank could have been placed in the north half of the building (or all units given private elevator banks) and provided more window frontage for the two units in the southern half. Of course, I also would have turned the hallway between the two halves of the building into a series of skybridges with floor-to ceiling glass and produced a vertigo-inducing hallway of death, so what do I know.

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