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800 Lea , 45 stories, 610', 120 (?) condos, 60 capacity underground garage)

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1 hour ago, UrbanWes03 said:

Assuming this actually happens, if the property behind this gets sold after this is under construction/built, would it be allowed to be developed with a high-rise considering there are actually windows on the western facade? I don’t really know how all of that works and I am very curious because if it’s not allowed that seems like an enormously missed opportunity. 

I know Nashville ain't New York, and yet, at some point, views in the CBD will be very unlikely without prior planning or super duper height.  On another note, like MLBrumbly said, hoping this one, the Ritz, and Circle South block as many viewing angles as possible of that Westin.  (just threw up a little in my mouth...)

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The curved, 45 story, 610' aluminum and glass 800 Lea (working name) will be the latest addition in Tony Giarratana's family of residential towers.  It will hug the west side of the Music City Center

Some new renderings, diagrams, and details: - 129 units - Wall of windows on ground floor will act as a changing art installation utilizing digital display system - 2nd & 3rd  level

KVB Roundabout Towers

Posted Images

11 hours ago, NashRugger said:

The city could likely force their hand if they need to at some point. The taxable value of that property is much higher than current use and will only increase. Plus, if they are able to trace criminal activity to users of that halfway house, such as the fatal stabbing last week, that would work towards the city's favor in kicking them out.

That would be an even bigger PR nightmare for the city than the Joy Ford (Country International Records) eminent domain condemnation that got national attention 10+ years ago

Developers (in East Nashville and other areas) use dirty tactics all the time to drive homeowners into selling (by reporting codes violations, etc). This is much bigger than that and would have immediate consequences for Nashville

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11 hours ago, LA_TN said:

That would be an even bigger PR nightmare for the city than the Joy Ford (Country International Records) eminent domain condemnation that got national attention 10+ years ago

Developers (in East Nashville and other areas) use dirty tactics all the time to drive homeowners into selling (by reporting codes violations, etc). This is much bigger than that and would have immediate consequences for Nashville

Agreed, eminent domain is not the way to go.  But Tony can employ a "carrot and stick" strategy where he offers a fair price (carrot), and also offers to provide a different plot of land elsewhere in the city and build a new building for the charity with double or triple the hobo capacity (cost of construction deducted from the purchase price).  An offer like that (remember he did something similar with paramount?) would put the charity in the awkward position of having to explain why they don't want to help double/triple the amount of hobos.  So the stick in this scenario is whacking them over the head with a public shaming if they don't sell. 

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Help me understand, why not just build Paramount in this location at 65 stories?   It seems that Tony is hell bent on only placing a 60+ story building on Church Street for some reason.   What is so special about Church Street for him?  If you have the vision and the resources to do it on Church Street and you run into road blocks, why not shift your plan to another parcel of land that would be less of a hassle to obtain approval and fewer if any objections from surrounding businesses?

Maybe it's just me....

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2 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

So we do not know what the other project is or where it will be, however I have a strong idea of where, we will have to wait and see what it will look like. I will lay some good money down that it will be taller than 612’.  That’s just my opinion though.

Salivating uncontrollably...

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2 hours ago, Plasticman said:

I’m just finding that other very dark model in the background disturbing.    


lol it's like an alternate universe upside down world skyscraper

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    • By markhollin
      Tony Giarratana is under contract to purchase the .43 acre site at the SE corner of Rosa L. Parks Blvd. and Church St. from Speedwagon Enterprises for an undisclosed price in order to build another apartment tower that he says will have at least 350 units. No further specs yet, but Goettsch Partners will be the architect (just like at 900 Church Tower) and Barge Design Solutions will be involved with engineering.  No renderings yet.
      "Our contract on 801 Church was only recently executed, so our drawings are trailing behind the 900 Church drawings by about nine months," Giarratana said.
      The tower at 900 Church St. will not have parking — it's not required under the property's downtown code zoning.
      The tower at 801 Church St. will have a parking garage, for tenants of that building and "to accommodate whatever parking demand we might have at 900 Church," Giarratana said.
      "Keep in mind, Amazon is not encouraging employees who have a personal automobile. Neither will we be encouraging residents who have a personal automobile," Giarratana said. "This is a new day for Nashville. Given the fact that we don’t have the $5 billion necessary to execute a public transportation plan, it’s going to be incredibly important that the employees at these downtown companies walk to work and don’t introduce their car into the traffic mix at peak times."
      He added: "We don’t think 'live-work-play' is a cliché. That is exactly the lifestyle we’ve been seeking to create downtown."

      More behind the NBJ paywall here:



    • By markhollin
      A 34 story residential tower at 900 Church St. is being planned for a Summer 2022 opening by Tony Giarratana on the .31 acre lot at 900 Church St. It should stand at least 400 feet in height. No word on how many units, or if there is a parking garage included.

      This thin block is now inhabited by the 1 story YMCA of Middle Tennessee admin building, which has no historical significance. It is also just one block east of the twin Amazon towers currently under construction as part of the Nashville Yards development. 
      More at the Nashville Post here:

      Official website:



      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

      Tony already has hype starting on the digital billboard at the Broadway/West End Ave. split:

    • By markhollin
      Metro's future Permanent Supportive Housing and Downtown Homeless Service Center appears to be moving forward at 505 2nd Ave. North, just across Gay St. from the new Criminal Justice Center.  The small lot will feature a multi-story structure (still no official height or renderings) that will include at least 100 permanent housing units, and a homeless service center that will feature on-site counseling, basic hygiene and health services, and case management and housing navigation.

      Bell & Assoc. will serve as the contractor; Moody-Nolan as project architect, Catalyst for civil engineering; EMC, structural engineering; ICT, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering; SRMC, security consultants; and EDGE, landscape design.

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      Originally this was planned for 301 James Robertson Pkwy. as part of Tony Giarratana's deal the 65 story/660'-750' Paramount Tower at Church Street Park. Tony agreed to develop this to include some workforce housing in exchange for the park space on Church between 6th Ave. North and Capitol Blvd. 

      Original story from a year ago:


      More detail behind the paywall at Nashville Post:


      Also, more behind the paywall at NBJ:


      These were the renderings fro the James Robertson Parkway iteration:

      This screen shote from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

    • By markhollin
      A hotel of unknown size and height is being planned for 1001 16th Ave. South (SE corner of 16th Ave. South and Grand Ave.) that is currently a nondescript 1 story brick structure owned by Belmont Church.  Developer Mark McDonald, known for retail projects like Century Farms in Antioch, has the land, as well as a small parking lot across the street to the north (NW corner of 16th Ave. and Grand, known as 67 Music Square East) under contract with the church.

      He is teaming with an unnamed international developer.  McDonald is asking Metro's Board of Zoning Appeals to modify rules regarding how far structures and underground parking must be set back from the street. But he is pursuing the project no matter how they rule. With the variances he is hoping for, he could design something larger.  Once those decisions are made, he will share renderings and many more details.

      More behind the NBJ paywall here:


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