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Pittsburgh adds to reputation as safest big metro

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Pittsburgh has long been the safest "top 40 metro" (or "big city metro") in the country--possibly the world. With Violent and Non-violent crimes per capita both BELOW the national average it is the only major city to claim that title (Boston is next closest with violent crime below the national average--while non violent for Boston is higher then it is nationally). Given that the "national average" is average per county or metro and NOT per person, for a major city to be BELOW both is practically impossible since it is trying to compete with the Green Bay's, Concord's, Omaha's etc. Pittsburgh shows how very difficult it truly is for a top 40 metro to do since not one other major metro has done it in the last generation--Pittsburgh being the only one!

Now comes news that not only is it safe for the Average American but it is one of the safest in the country for the weakest among us--children.

County kids among safest in country

by Michelle K. Massie


According to the 2004 Child Abuse Annual Report released by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Allegheny County ranked significantly below Philadelphia County and the state of Pennsylvania in its substantiated reports of child abuse or neglect. In Pennsylvania last year, 44 children died from abuse, while 14 of those deaths were reported in Philadelphia County. Comparisons were made between Philadelphia and Allegheny counties due to similarities in population - approximately 1.26 million in Allegheny and approximately 1.48 in Philadelphia.

If national statistics held true, in a county of this size with nearly 1.3 million residents, 23.8 percent of which are under the age of 18, the average would have been six child deaths per year, according to 2002 statistics from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System. In only four of the past 15 years has Allegheny County met or exceeded the national average.

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