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Renovation/Rehab Design and new uses.

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Here is an example of a 1940s era building in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina that has had many uses over the years and had seen better days. For years it was an eyesore being located on Greensboro's "main street". I called it the Sanford and Son Building due to the appliances and junk visible in the windows. A developer came in and redesign the building inside and out and it has a new use which is consistent to what is now being developed in that part of downtown known as South End. The building has gone from a junk collection space to an upscale bowling alley/restaurant/bar.  Greensboro is joining the trend in other cities with small 6 to 8 lane urban bowling alleys with bars and restaurants. This is probably one of the best designs I have seen for a facility of this type/size. In addition to redesigning the building inside out, the developer utilized the side parking area and turned it into a lush beer garden/patio with plants and water/fire features. A renovation redesign can be difficult in a historic district but the developer got it right in this case. There is an additional building attached to this building on the side towards the back. Currently it is occupied by another tenant. It would make a great expansion space for Bourbon Bowl and I could see that building being turned into a second bar for the bowling alley with a live music stage or a private rental room for small parties and events. The developer who built this also partnered in building Stone Pin, an urban 6 lane bowling alley in Greenville, SC.








Much of the materials used in construction of the patio area came from old material inside of the building. A good example of recycled uses.









There was a lot of attention to detail. For example the industrial style fan blade slowly spins.






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