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Downtown Greensboro development

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On 6/28/2021 at 5:58 AM, Worm86 said:

Does anyone know of any new downtown Greensboro development, I've been searching online but can't find anything. I've been seeing alot of other cities in NC development but not much for Greensboro

There are a number of projects in the works. Some have been completed. The 3,000 seat Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts has been completed for over a year. Hasn't opened yet due to the pandemic. A new 6 story Hampton Inn and Suites is nearly complete. A boutique bowling alley/restaurant just recently opened downtown. As far as downtown projects under construction and future development, construction is underway on the Westin Greensboro which will be a 6 story hotel that will sit on top of a 6 story parking deck. Construction on luxury apartment complex on the edge of downtown is underway which will include retail and a grocery store.

Future development:

- a mixed use 5 to 6 story apartment complex will become the second phase of the Union Square development. 

- developer Roy Carroll will soon start construction on a 12-story AC Hotel as the first phase of "Carroll South of the Ballpark" which is a temporary name. Future phases include 6-story apartments retail, restaurants and a 20-story office tower which will wrap around a city deck that just opened. It's directly across the street from the ballpark which has a 9 story office building that opened late last year.

As for comprehensive downtown development planning, the city along with downtown Greensboro Inc. Is talking about building a small downtown arena up to 5,000 seats. If it were not for the 23,000 seat Greensboro Coliseum Complex 2 miles west of downtown they'd probably build one larger. Also the city will put in place new downtown transit systems which include self driving shuttles.

Finally the News and Record site. While there are no plans yet, the developer who is building the Westin across the street purchased the property and there have been rumors of a large mixed-use development that could include residential, office, and a small convention center.

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